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Labor Union Women: Karen Heppner

Karen Heppner has demonstrated the type of leadership and activism that would make any union member proud. She has been a registered nurse working for the state of Maryland at the Eastern Shore Hospital Center for over 20 years. When the state refused to pay the negotiated retention bonus to nurses at her facility, she led the fight to force management to honor the contract. She organized nurses at her facility, where a class action complaint was filed, which led to a decision in the union’s favor from an independent arbitrator.

She has served as a Vice President for the Eastern Region of the union. In addition to that she has also served on the contract negotiation team. Beyond that she helped organize and serve on the Labor Management Committee at her facility. She supports her co-workers and union daily, often getting other co-workers and nurses in her facility involved in union activity. With all she does, Karen Heppner is a clear example of a woman leading in labor and we are honored to have her a part of AFT Healthcare-Maryland, AFT-Maryland, and the larger labor family.

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