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Leadership for Tumultuous Times

Leadership for Tumultuous Times
Convention 2018 Election Results

Much like how many public sector employees have vowed #ImStickingWithMyUnion, the delegates at the AFT Convention have decided they are sticking with the strong leadership that has been guiding the union through some of our most turbulent times. The Progressive Caucus was overwhelmingly re-elected at the 2018 AFT Convention. The caucus is led by the dynamic trio of President Randi Weingarten, Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Lorretta Johnson and Vice-President Mary Cathryn Ricker.

There were 43 people elected as AFT Vice-Presidents and again AFT-Maryland’s own Marietta English was one of them. She and Dr. Lorretta Johnson both coming out of the Baltimore Teachers Union (Local 340) give Maryland a strong voice in the national union.

Delegates to the convention chose the Progressive Caucus as the union fights back against President Trump’s anti-worker policies, Betsy DeVos’ anti-public school policies, and a Supreme Court that at every turn sides with millionaires and billionaires, and attempts to crush working people and families. The leadership of AFT has guided a steady ship during turbulent storms and promises to continue to fight and organize and make America work for all people.

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