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Maryland Department of Health is Unhealthy!

The Maryland Department of Health is Unhealthy! This is the message that AFT Healthcare-Maryland members wanted the public to know when they held an organizing rally and a press conference during a day of action. Members were frustrated with the poor indoor air quality, the persistent infestation of rodents and roaches, as well as the non-potable water. This all comes after a giant snake was found stuck inside a mouse trap in the 201 W. Preston St. complex.

Members came to the podium and addressed news cameras, telling their stories about what the working conditions were like in the Maryland Department of Health. Community and elected leaders also came to stand with the workers and show their support. Del. Nick Mosby said this would be one of the top priorities for the General Assembly when they begin the legislative session in January. Councilman John Bullock and candidate for Delegate Melissa Wells were also in attendance to stand in solidarity with the state workers who were airing their grievances.

Though the day was highlighted by the press conference in the afternoon, the important work was done in the morning. A member-to-member organizing campaign aided by staff from AFT Healthcare-Maryland worked aggressively to get the message out to other state employees. The member and staff outreach was important because other state workers realized they weren’t being ignored about the workplace conditions.The union was also able to get important contact information for future actions around the health and safety of workers at the Maryland Department of Health. 


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