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MD/DC Alliance for Retired Americans

The Maryland/DC Alliance for Retired Americans held a statewide meeting at the Baltimore Teachers Union. The group gathered to discuss a number of issues pertinent to members of the organization. Retirees from the City Union of Baltimore and the Baltimore Teachers Union made up a significant number of those in attendance. Retirees from other AFL-CIO unions including AFSCME and SEIU were also in attendance.

The group discussed a number of issues including health care costs as well as the upcoming Maryland election season. Members had a chance to review the AFL-CIO recommendations and endorsements and also discuss their involvement in the upcoming election season via labor walks and phone banks. Dr. Lorretta Johnson addressed the group, telling them she passed on a trip to Brussels, Belgium to be there and speak with them. Following the meeting, members enjoyed a delicious lunch and socialized with one another. 

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