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Member-to-Member Mobilization

The City Union of Baltimore and AFT Healthcare-Maryland came together for a weeklong mobilization effort. Each local set out to identify potential members and turn them into full members and even more, into activists for the union. These efforts are usually done in conjunction with AFT National and this one was no different. In addition to the members and staff of CUB and AFTHC-MD, Jennifer Pocari led the troops from the national office.

The mobilization efforts involved member-to-member engagement, and trained members on the best way to reach out to, speak with, and engage other members. Non-members should have met organizers and activists from their union to discuss the value of the union in the workplace and how non-members can become full dues paying members.

The effort to reach as many non-members as possible was effective for both locals. Each union increased their ranks with many non-members not even knowing they were not full dues paying members of their union. The mobilization was a success and was just a sign of things to come in regards to each union’s outreach.

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