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Member Spotlight: Ray Crosby

Meet MCEA member Ray Crosby. He is a 39-year veteran of State and County Service in Harford County. Throughout his two decades of membership in MCEA Chapter 610, he has served the union in a number of roles including chief steward, county chair, and chapter treasurer. In Harford County he is a Senior Water Plant Operator and monitors water quality for a plant that produces 20 million gallons a day. His hard work goes to ensuring that there is safe drinking water for the residents and that county emergency services such as the fire department are up and running in case of emergency.

Being a union member has made a difference in his life and career. In 1984, when the County took over management of his plant, it was MCEA that was essential in making sure he maintained benefits and that his time towards retirement was not lost. As an MCEA member he knows that while times aren’t always easy he can stay informed and remain a part of the process. 

This security has allowed him to stay in his essential role in the county and raise a family knowing he had the backing of his union. In the many roles he has served within MCEA, he says, “I take pleasure in knowing that I am working not just for myself, but on behalf of all of my coworkers in making a brighter future for Harford County.”

As we look towards the future of MCEA in Harford County, Ray would like to see more people start to understand that a union is stronger when more people join and give their opinions to the process. He would also like to see a stronger bond between Chapters 610 and 615 (the unit representing Harford County Corrections Officers) in an effort to increase the size, scope, and strength of the union across the county.  


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