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MSDFSA Meets with Sen. Paul Pinsky

As the 2020 Maryland Legislative Session approaches, the unions of AFT-Maryland are working to ensure their agendas are front and center on the minds of legislators. The Maryland School for the Deaf Faculty and Staff Association (MSD) is one of the unions who have been active lately to ensure their members concerns are addressed by the General Assembly. The union is working on ensuring that its members are included on the career teacher career ladder that will be a part of the Blueprint for Maryland Schools (Kirwan Commission) legislation. MSD VP Jackie Gruers and a delegation of AFT-Maryland staff met with state Sen. Paul Pinsky, chair of the Senate Education, Health, and Environment Committee, in College Park, MD to speak with him about the inclusion of MSD members. Sen. Pinksy is a sponsor of the Kirwan bill in the Senate.

MSD is looking to build on successful lobbying efforts from last year. The union sought to have its members classified as Maryland state employees. Working with Del. Ken Kerr and Sen. Ron Young, MSD legislation was passed that ensures that members enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other state worker. Those who work at the Maryland School for the Deaf are in a unique position: they are both state personnel and also career educators. Their work as educators necessitate their inclusion in all educational policies.


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