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Nurses Appreciation Week 2024 - Interview with Member Lateshia Scott

Nurses Week 2024

For National Nurses Week the state federation shines a light on one of our members who has made a career of giving herself to her community to ensure the health and welfare of the public. Get to know Baltimore County Federation of Public Health Nurses Local 5102 member, Lateshia Scott.

(answers edited for clarity and length)

How long have you been a Baltimore county nurse & BCFPHN member?

I’ve been working with the county for about a year and a half. I’ve been a member with BCFPHN for a year. I was introduced to the union by Ms. Beverly Grace. She told me about it, and I’ve been a member ever since. 

What brought you to nursing?

My mom is a nurse and has been one for more than 30 years. She’s a psychiatric nurse and I’ve seen her do it, so nursing became something I gravitated towards. 

Nurses Week 2024

Who were influential nurses who inspired you?

Again, my mom was a big inspiration for me to get into nursing. She went to Carver High School in Baltimore city, so she started there in the trade program. She had a job working at Levindale as a nurse, then she eventually went back to college with my sisters when they were going to college and all three of them (mother and sisters) ended up graduating together so that was nice to watch. Ms. Beverly (Grace) also inspires me. She’s been a huge influence, as someone to go to if you need help or assistance with anything. She’s always lending a helping hand. 

What's one thing you hope the patients you serve take away from their experience with you?

I hope they know that with me, they have someone who’s understanding, someone who wasn’t judgmental, someone they felt comfortable with, someone who embodied what healthcare should be. 

What's one thing that you learn from the community when they visit your clinic?

I learned that people come from all walks of life. To me, that’s what makes the job so interesting. The range of patients you see run the gamut from the simplest to the most complicated. This job (public health nurse) is never boring. Sometimes all you can say is wow!

Nurses Week 2024

The AFT Maryland wishes Nurse Scott and all nurses in our state federation a Happy National Nurses Week. 


Article and photos by AFT Maryland staff

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