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Our hearts are with the Mervo High School Community

As students and staff of Baltimore city public schools return today after the violence on Friday, our hearts continue to be with the Mervo High School community. The pain and trauma of the violence at the school rippled across the city touching each and every person who works with students or has a young person in their life. We are deeply saddened by the horrific event causing Baltimore to lose another promising young man to senseless gun violence. 

Returning to school, even after a long weekend, can be a difficult reminder of the very real and present dangers our young people face on a daily basis. We echo the calls of President Diamonté Brown of the Baltimore Teachers Union when she says faculty and staff need increased access to mental and physical healthcare, as well as greater training in mediation and violence prevention.

We know we cannot begin to normalize this type of violence. Sadly, this challenge comes with returning to the classroom to pour into our scholars and share in the lives of our students like education professionals do daily and like so many of our members are doing today. We know our thoughts and prayers will never be enough for the Mervo school community and the family of this young man. AFT-Maryland with our locals, BTU 340 and CUB 800, will continue to advocate for safe and healthy schools.

Among other supports, BTU encourages staff impacted
by this event to access their Beacon EAP assistance
program, or community mental health support


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