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Senate votes 79-18 in favor of Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

In a strong bi-partisan showing, the US Senate on Monday voted to consider a constitutional amendment that would allow congress to regulate political contributions for an election. The proposed amendment would overturn the controversial 2010 Supreme Court ruling, commonly known as “Citizens United,” which granted corporations first amendment rights in contributing to campaigns.

US Senator Tom Udall (D-New Mexico) was quoted in The Huffington Post as saying a constitutional amendment would be needed to help preserve electoral democracy: "We are here to say as strongly and forcefully as we can, 'Corporations are not people.' And were are here to take back our democracy from billionaires. [. . .] Our elections are not auctions up to the highest bidder."

The vote came after Congress was presented with reportedly over 3 million signatures demanding for a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united.

T.Reynolds, 9/9/14

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