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Thanking Public Employees at National Public Service Recognition Week 2023

Public Service Recognition Week gives the country an opportunity to say thank you to the people who make our communities, large and small alike, work. AFT-Maryland is grateful to call so many public employees our members. People in public service work on a daily basis to ensure our communities function and people have their needs met. We are fortunate to call workers in state and local government our members. While it may seem long ago, we cannot forget the yeoman’s effort public employees undertook during the height of the pandemic to make sure that municipal and state governments continued to run efficiently.

Our members are leaders in state and local health departments, departments of housing, departments of recreation and parks, state highway administration, and much more. Public employees ensure our drinking water is clean and safe, meals at school are prepared, and the less fortunate in our community have what they need to survive and move forward in life. This is thankless work that is often overlooked  by elected officials responsible for our work. One place where that effort does not go unnoticed is with your state federation. We are thankful for the work you do day to day and we are proud of your dedication to the state of Maryland.

We are indebted to everyone who makes a career out of making a difference in our state. That’s why we fought so hard for union dues deduction on taxes because public employees deserve it. It is why we are committed to ensuring safe working conditions for public employees who deserve to know they can go home safely to their families after an honest day’s work. We are happy to be the advocates, supporters, and siblings in solidarity of public employees who each day make sure state and local governments in Maryland work for the people of Maryland.

We owe you all a debt of gratitude, and we gladly honor that by proudly representing you.

Happy Public Service Recognition Week.


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