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Veterans Day 2022

Our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to the people who serve our country valiantly in the armed forces. The sacrifice and commitment that military service demands is not to be taken lightly. Advancements in technology have changed the nature of the work, but that has not changed the amount of effort and sacrifice demanded of our armed services personnel. None of us at AFT-Maryland take for granted all that we have as Americans. We know so much of what we have, has been hard fought and well earned by our service personnel. 

Each of us contributes something to make our communities better places. Our service personnel are called upon to contribute more than the rest of us. They are asked to place country before everything else and they routinely answer the call. Whether serving on US soil,  thousands of miles from where they call home, or facing the danger of active combat in hostile foreign territories, we are grateful for the dedication of the women and men in the armed forces. 

Public employees borrow heavily from the armed forces in our principles and motives. Our members commit to service greater than themselves for the betterment of the communities in which they live. Our veterans have taught us not to concern ourselves with ethnicity, religion, or race; instead we focus on our shared values to make us successful. We owe a great deal to our veterans for reminding us of how deep our commitment must be. Our state federation will continue to learn from our courageous veterans  who offer their lives and  serve as models to the shared sacrifice and commitment the labor movement demands. 

Happy Veterans Day 

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