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Washington Post endorses Brown for governor

On Sunday, The Washington Post published its endorsement of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for Governor, saying, "Mr. Brown’s breadth of experience, coupled with the lack of credibility at the heart of Mr. Hogan’s program, inform our endorsement."

"Mindful that many Maryland voters feel overtaxed, and that the state is widely seen as hostile to business, Mr. Brown has laid out an agenda that blends caution and ambition. Its centerpiece is a plan to expand pre-kindergarten for thousands more 4-year-olds. He has also advocated expanding the state’s transit infrastructure, notably by building the Red Line in Baltimore and the Purple Line in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties — projects Mr. Hogan opposes.

...Mr. Brown is the more serious and substantial candidate. He has a better grasp of how to operate the levers of government and how to bolster Maryland’s competitiveness while tending to basic needs."

For the full article, click here to visit The Washington Post.

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