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Workers' Issues In the News

The Guardian, 03/20/15
The Washington Post, 03/20/15
The Huffington Post, 03/20/15
McClatchy Washington Bureau, 03/20/15
The Hill, 03/19/15
The Washington Post, 03/19/15
National Journal, 03/19/15
The Baltimore Sun, 03/19/15
McClatchy Washington Bureau, 03/19/15
CBS News, 03/19/15
Center Maryland, 03/18/15
WBAL, 03/18/15
Tampa Bay Times, 03/18/15
The Baltimore Sun, 03/17/15
Associated Press, 03/17/15
WBALTV, 03/17/15, 03/17/15
McClatchy Washington Bureau, 03/16/15
Associated Press, 03/16/15
The Washington Post, 03/16/15
The Baltimore Sun, 03/16/15
The Baltimore Sun, 03/16/15
Politico, 03/16/15
The Baltimore Sun, 03/15/15
The Washington Post, 03/14/15
The Washington Post, 03/13/15
The Austin Chronicle, 03/13/15
Associated Press, 03/11/15
The Washington Post, 03/11/15, 03/11/15
The Capital Times, 03/11/15
Herald-Mail, 03/11/15
The Washington Post, 03/11/15
WBAL-TV11, 03/11/15
Inside HigherEd, 03/11/15
Maryland Reporter, 03/11/15
Miami Herald, 03/10/15
CBS Baltimore, 03/09/15
The New York Times, 03/08/15
Baltimore Brew, 02/25/15

Angry Over Trade, Labor Gets Union-Friendly Pitch From Obama
ABC News, 2/9/15

Teacher tells Congress: ‘We simply cannot ignore the stunning impact of income inequality and high child poverty’
The Washington Post, 2/7/15

Baltimore's development boom leads to loss in school aid
The Baltimore Sun, 2/7/15

The Shrinking American Labor Union
The New York Times, 2/7/15

Union says U.S. refinery strike widened; cites unfair labor practices
Reuters, 2/7/15

Maryland Senate Delays Vote On Executive Nominations
CBS Baltimore, 2/6/15

Rawlings-Blake to delegation: I got your back
The Daily Record, 2/6/15

Baltimore mayor outlines priorities for state lawmakers
WBAL-TV, 2/6/15

Teachers union presses for more education funding in Hogan budget
The Frederick News-Post, 2/6/15

AFT president Weingarten visits town to give LA teachers a boost
LA School Report, 2/5/15

Democrats Hit GOP Plan for Replacing Obama Health Care Law
ABC News, 2/5/15

2015 MD State of the State transcript, 2/4/15

Stadium Authority is close to awarding bids on next round of school construction
Baltimore Business Journal, 2/4/15

Mandatory sick-leave bill sparks heated debate at Md. Senate committee hearing
The Washington Post, 2/4/15

Democrats vow to fight Hogan education cuts
The Baltimore Sun, 2/3/15

Mike Busch Q&A: Proposed cuts to school funding 'troublesome'
Capital Gazette, 2/2/15

Teachers’ union: We have seen free community college succeed
The Washington Post, 2/2/15

Group appeals mandatory union fees to Supreme Court
LA Times, 1/31/15

Budget panel chiefs seek specifics on Hogan's 2% budget cuts
The Baltimore Sun, 1/30/15

A GOP governor means new challenges for longtime Md. Senate President Mike Miller
The Washington Post, 1/30/15

AFT Mounts Strong Opposition to Federal Teacher-Prep Proposal
Education Week, 1/30/15

Wisconsin Gov. Walker previews likely White House theme
Associated Press, 1/30/15

State leaders, activitists rally for restrictions on corporate political donations
SoMdNews, 1/30/15

Miller, black lawmakers voice concern over school cuts
The Baltimore Sun, 1/29/15

Teachers union, think tank propose compromise on testing of U.S. students
The Washington Post, 1/29/15

Maryland budget analyst criticizes unspecified cuts
WBAL-TV, 1/28/15

Baltimore's progress at risk
The Baltimore Sun, 1/28/15

Mayor says cuts in education aid would hurt Baltimore
The Baltimore Sun, 1/27/15

Union leaders say they’re braced for ‘war’ on public employees
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/27/15

Maryland’s Hogan scheduled to deliver first ‘State of the State’ speech on Feb. 4
The Washington Post, 1/27/15

AFT to Senate: Keep Paraprofessional Qualifications in NCLB Rewrite
Education Week, 1/27/15

Charter schools are a solution in search of a problem
The Baltimore Sun, 1/26/15

Some Hogan budget cuts stretch for years
The Baltimore Sun, 1/26/15

Md. legislative analyst says Hogan’s unspecified budget cuts are ‘bad precedent’
The Washington Post, 1/26/15

Lawmakers put paid sick leave on agenda
The Baltimore Sun, 1/26/15

First glance: How state budget affects you
Capital Gazette, 1/25/15

Md. Gov. Hogan’s first budget reins in rise in education spending, imposes agency cuts
The Washington Post, 1/23/15

Michael Moore slams Sarah Lawrence's response to union, 1/23/15

Baltimore begins architecture reviews for $1B school construction program
Baltimore Business Journal, 1/22/15

Md. Gov. Larry Hogan and his Korean-born wife Yumi are a historic first couple
The Washington Post, 1/23/15

Hogan's budget: The debate begins
The Baltimore Sun, 1/22/15

Mayor raises $338,563 in 2014, dominates fundraising in the city
Baltimore Brew, 1/22/15

Friends pay tribute to Linda Bridges, 1/22/15

Md. Gov. Larry Hogan, the happiest, sweatiest guy at the inaugural ball
The Washington Post, 1/22/15

Trumka: Obama 'Forcefully Advocated for Working Families' in State of Union
AFL-CIO Now, 1/21/15

Larry Hogan sworn in as 62nd governor of Maryland
WBAL-TV 11, 1/21/15

18,000 California Nurses Win Stronger Patient Care, Workplace Protections in New Kaiser Pact
AFL-CIO Now, 1/21/15

Text of the State of the Union for 2015
McClatchy, 1/20/15

New effort underway to change Maryland charter schools law
The Baltimore Sun, 1/20/15

Underfunded state pension system will be challenge for Hogan team
The Baltimore Sun, 1/20/15

Senate Democrats Stand Up For Speedier Union Elections
Huffington Post Politics, 1/20/15

Maryland delegation shares thoughts on SOTU
WBAL-TV 11, 1/20/15

After Larry Hogan is sworn in as Md. governor, his budget will do the real talking
The Washington Post, 1/20/15

The Secret to Happiness? Joining a Union!
AFL-CIO Now, 1/18/15

What to Expect From Obama's State of the Union Speech, 1/19/15

Catherine Pugh, Alan Gross to sit with Michelle Obama at State of the Union address
The Baltimore Sun, 1/19/15

Education groups fear for school funding with budget shortfall, 1/18/15

Student testing: Deciding when enough is enough
Associated Press Education, 1/17/15

City Council revives bills aimed at weakening mayor's power
The Baltimore Sun, 1/16/15

O’Malley suggests $640 million in budget cuts in final days in office
The Washington Post, 1/16/15

Hospitals Lower Health Care-Associated Infections
US News, 1/16/15

AFT’s Weingarten lays out new models for unions
People's World, 1/15/15

Meet The Mental Health Care Workers On The Front Lines Of A Statewide Strike, 1/15/15

O’Malley, Brown say goodbye to Maryland General Assembly
The Washington Post, 1/15/15

Opening day at Md. State House: Pictures at an exhibition of bipartisanship
Maryland Reporter, 1/15/15

AFT backs annual testing, with an asterisk
The Washington Post, 1/14/15

Farewell to Linda Bridges, Hero of Texas Schools
The Austin Chronicle, 1/14/15

Gov.-elect Hogan, outgoing Lt. Gov. Brown appear together as Md. session begins
The Washington Post, 1/14/15

Want to Be Happy? Join a Union
The New York Times, 1/13/15

Meet the 2015 Maryland General Assembly’s sizeable freshman class
The Washington Post, 1/13/15

How to watch Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address (on 1/20/15), 1/13/15

Inside City Hall: Honey, I shrunk the Council!
Baltimore Brew, 1/13/15

Lawmaker apologizes for tweet comparing Obama to Hitler
Associated Press, 1/13/15

2015 Maryland General Assembly: Issues to watch
Baltimore Business Journal, 1/12/15

Md. teachers union launches campaign to maintain funding for schools
The Washington Post, 1/12/15

Education secretary says he backs annual testing
Associated Press, 1/12/15

As Md. legislative session nears, uncertainty about Hogan’s agenda
The Washington Post, 1/10/15

Overtime Pay Rule Needs ‘Bold’ Action, says Trumka
AFL-CIO Now, 1/9/15

Politics Working Against Approval of Purple Line, Hogan Transition Team Member Says
Bethesda Magazine, 1/9/15

Giffords meets with Obama on 4-year anniversary of shooting
Associated Press, 1/8/15

Brian Frosh is sworn in as Maryland attorney general, warns of cuts in programs
The Washington Post, 1/6/15

GOP takes charge in Congress, runs into swift veto threat
Associated Press, 1/6/15

New Congress will be most diverse in history
The Fresno Bee, 1/5/15

Scott Walker, Starting Second Term as Wisconsin Governor, Resists New Union Battle
The New York Times, 1/5/15

American Air, pilots union reach labor deal; vote looms
USA Today, 1/5/15

Christie to attend inauguration of Maryland governor he helped elect against the odds, 1/4/15

9 signs the Kochs have created their own national political party
Salon, 1/3/15

California colleges see surge in efforts to unionize adjunct faculty
LA Times, 1/3/15

Gov.-elect Larry Hogan faced with big education appointments
WBAL-TV, 1/2/15

Hogan's pick for health chief says he'll avoid conflicts
The Baltimore Sun, 1/2/15

Democratic club looks to reinvent Baltimore tradition
The Baltimore Sun, 12/26/14

Common Core foes lining up against Jeb Bush
Miami Herald, 12/26/14

Boston Teachers’ union, schools agree to add learning time, Walsh says
Boston Globe, 12/26/14

Anne Arundel continues 50-50 split with state to fund school construction
Capital Gazette, 12/25/14

Elected officials getting pay increases
Baltimore Brew, 12/23/14

Temple’s Adjunct Faculty to Join Thousands of Others in Citywide Union
Working In These Times, 12/23/14

After Shootings, Police Union Chief Deepens Rift With de Blasio
The New York Times, 12/23/14

Get Ready for First National Summit on Raising Wages
AFL-CIO Now, 12/22/14

Labor's big comeback: Obama appointees push for worker rights
Politico, 12/22/14

Our Fight for Justice
Randi Weingarten, Huffington Post, 12/21/14

Race relations suddenly a top concern of Americans, 12/19/14

Most states unprepared to handle infectious disease outbreaks, 12/18/14

Md. lawmakers play role in bringing Gross home from Cuba
WBAL-TV, 12/18/14

Why kindergarten teachers don’t want to give this test to their students
The Washington Post, 12/18/14

Foes of Unions Try Their Luck in County Laws
The New York Times, 12/18/14

Hogan says he'll push for charter schools
The Baltimore Sun, 12/17/14

Maryland Gov.-elect Larry Hogan names first four members of his Cabinet
The Washington Post, 12/17/14

Senate president announces committee assignments
Maryland Reporter, 12/17/14

7 Reasons Right to Work Is Wrong for Warren County, Ky. (and Everywhere Else)
AFL-CIO Now, 12/17/14

Andrew Cuomo seeks to kick public employees out of union
Salon, 12/16/14

Md. teachers union (MSEA) wants kindergarten tests suspended
The Washington Post, 12/16/14

Fight brewing between Hogan, Democrats over education funding
The Daily Record, 12/15/14

Pinsky: Late school start puts profits ahead of children
The Daily Record, 12/15/14

AFT President Randi Weingarten Speaks Out On Sexual Assault
Huffington Post, 12/15/14 prepares for traffic crunch as deadlines hit today
PBS Newshour, 12/15/14

Thousands protest police slayings of black men
The State, 12/13/14

Supreme Court Rules That Companies Don't Have to Compensate Workers for Required Time at Work
AFL-CIO Now, 12/12/14

NLRB issues rule to speed up union organizing
Associated Press, 12/12/14

More questions on State Center
Maryland Reporter, 12/12/14

Your Boss Can't Stop You From Organizing A Union Over Work Email
Huffington Post, 12/11/14

Walmart Illegally Punished Workers, Judge Rules
The New York Times, 12/10/14

Time magazine to feature healthcare workers fighting Ebola, 12/10/14

Hogan names top staffers
The Baltimore Sun, 12/10/14

Poster of incoming legislators
The Maryland Reporter, 12/10/14

Md. Gov.-elect Larry Hogan and Comptroller Peter Franchot pledge a bipartisan alliance
The Washington Post, 12/9/14

Larry Hogan's tax policy won't be a 'race to the bottom'
Baltimore Business Journal, 12/9/14

City sees 2014 surplus, but expects a shortfall in coming year
The Baltimore Sun, 12/8/14

Maryland casinos pumped $1.4 billion into the state’s economy, industry study says
The Washington Post, 12/8/14

Why Millennials Hate Their Least Expensive Health Care Option
Money, 12/8/14

Court: State can favor bidders that have labor accords
The Daily Record, 12/8/14

State analysts raise doubts about State Center project
The Baltimore Sun, 12/3/14

How Hogan And Miller Might Compromise In The Upcoming General Assembly Session, 12/8/14

Maryland state agencies advised to slow spending
The Daily Record, 12/5/14

Rabbis, AFT president arrested at Garner protest
Jewish News, 12/5/14

Maryland universities implement spending freezes
Associated Press, 12/5/14

A Pioneering Union at Columbia?
The New Yorker, 12/5/14

Clinton backs probes of chokehold, Ferguson deaths
Associated Press, 12/4/14

Hogan, Franchot plan shopping trip on Eastern Shore
Maryland Reporter, 12/4/14

Baltimore Court Clerk Conaway switches parties, becomes Republican
The Baltimore Sun, 12/4/14

Killer cops committed no crimes
NJ Today, 12/4/14

Teachers Union Settles Campaign Literature Dispute
CBS Baltimore, 12/4/14

Here's what economist Anirban Basu thinks Larry Hogan should focus on
Baltimore Business Journal, 12/1/14

Uncommon Allies Against the Common Core, 12/3/14

School unions vital defenders of public education
The Cap Times, 12/3/14

Converting a Union Skeptic
Audra Rondeau wasn't a fan of labor groups—then home-care workers in her state organized, and she gave them a second chance.
The Atlantic, 12/2/14

Newtown Teachers To Meet With Union Leaders
Huffington Post, 12/2/14

Obama: Ebola still priority as public focus shifts
Associated Press, 12/2/14

Hogan says he could start making key appointments in Md. as early as next week
The Washington Post, 12/2/14

For Hogan, personnel is policy
The Frederick News-Post, 12/2/14

Mikulski: 'We need Hillary.'
The Baltimore Sun, 12/1/14

Republican Gov.-elect Hogan promises hope and bipartisan change in Maryland
The Washington Times, 12/1/14

No Child Left Behind gets renewed focus
Associated Press, Education, 12/01/14

How Chris Christie is viewed by Americans, 11/30/14

U.S. Healthcare For Seniors Ranked Poorly Compared To 10 Other Countries, 11/30/14

New Maryland rules would curb some uses of campaign funds
The Baltimore Sun, 11/29/14

Coming to shopping mall near you: Health care signups
DelMarVa Now, 11/29/14

Don't reduce city schools' capital funding
The Baltimore Sun (Opinion), 11/28/14

A Digital Healthcare Argument For Net Neutrality
TechCrunch, 11/28/14

New Post Makes Del. Maggie McIntosh More Important For Baltimore, 11/27/14

In advance of union election, Capital Bikeshare worker fired for organizing
The Washington Post, 11/26/14

Maryland Democrats debate where to go next, 11/26/14

Madison, WI teachers vote overwhelmingly to recertify their labor union
The Cap Times, 11/26/14

Gov.-elect Larry Hogan beefs up transition team
WBAL-TV, 11/25/14

5 Ways Walmart Avoids Paying Taxes and Is Scheming to Pay Even Less
AFL-CIO Now, 11/24/14

Baltimore mayor recalls Marion Barry as 'voice for the voiceless'
The Baltimore Sun, 11/23/14

Calling women to action for a stronger democracy
The Baltimore Sun, 11/21/14

Hillary Clinton backs Obama immigration move
Associated Press, 11/21/14

At union rallies across L.A., teachers seek more than just a pay hike
LA Times, 11/21/14

21 states hope to overturn Maryland's gun control law
The Baltimore Sun, 11/21/14

Workers Unite All Over the World, Taking on Walmart's Corporate Greed
AFL-CIO Now, 11/20/14

Hogan, Brown spent a combined $24 million
The Baltimore Sun, 11/20/14

The strange case of the anti-union union at Volkswagen’s plant in Tennessee
The Washington Post, 11/19/14

Speaker Busch shuffles some top lieutenants in Maryland House of Delegates
The Washington Post, 11/19/14

About 4,000 Marylanders enroll in health coverage
The Daily Record, 11/19/14

Race for Md. governor leaves loser with $500,000 debt. Same for the winner.
The Washington Post, 11/19/14

Gansler to join Washington law firm in January
The Baltimore Sun, 11/18/14

AFT Bans Coca-Cola Products Citing Child Labor and Human Rights Record
PRWeb, 11/18/14
See also:

Hogan traveling to Florida to meet with GOP governors
The Baltimore Sun, 11/18/14

New president named for Maryland Association of Boards of Education
The Washington Post, 11/17/14 gets steady traffic; hits bump
Yahoo! News, 11/17/14

Hogan says state's economic picture even bleaker than he thought
The Baltimore Sun, 11/17/14

Could teachers unions work more like doctors’ associations?
The Washington Post, 11/17/14 Has Improved, But Obamacare Still Faces Problems
NPR, 11/16/14

Reagan, Bush also acted alone to shield immigrants
Associated Press, 11/15/14

Advocates decry scaling back of city school renovation program
Baltimore Brew, 11/13/14

Lock It Up! Maryland Secures Transportation Trust Fund
JDSUPRA Business Advisor, 11/13/14

Trumka: Labor Prepared to Combat Assaults on Workers' Rights
AFL-CIO Now, 11/13/14

Hogan pays a visit to Md. House Speaker Busch to talk about working together
The Washington Post, 11/13/14

New Volkswagen Policy OKs Interactions With Unions At U.S. Factory
NPR, 11/12/14

Federal Grant To Help Unemployed Health Care Workers
CT News Junkie, 11/11/14

WYPR management hires union-busting law firm to quash union efforts
City Paper, 11/11/14

Maryland’s Gov.-elect Hogan: No policy announcements until he is sworn in
The Washington Post, 11/11/14

Groups concerned about Baltimore school construction funding
WBAL-TV, 11/11/14

New VA chief may fire 1,000 staffers over healthcare scandal
LA Times, 11/10/14

Union Membership: Very Sexy
The Atlantic, 11/9/14

Palestinian President Outlaws Labor Union
ABC News, 11/9/14

What Larry Hogan’s upset in the Maryland governor’s race means for business
The Washington Post, 11/9/14

Whole Foods Employees Ask For a Union, 11/7/14

Why Larry Hogan's election probably means fewer state workers in Maryland
Baltimore Business Journal, 11/7/14

Labor Board Says Cablevision Chief Tied Raises to Vote Against a Union
The New York Times, 11/7/14

So Larry Hogan's Our Governor: What Happened Down-Ballot, What's Next & What About the Purple Line?
Maryland Juice, 11/5/14

A Rough Election Day For Teachers Unions
Time, 11/5/14

What A Republican Senate Means For Obamacare—and What It Doesn’t, 11/5/14

Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia election results
The Washington Post, 11/5/14

Republican Larry Hogan wins Md. governor’s race in stunning upset
The Washington Post, 11/5/14

Why Hogan Won
The Baltimore Sun, 11/5/14

Why Today's Election May Affect Your Health Care
ABC News, 11/4/14

Republicans sweep to victory in key gubernatorial races
Fox News, 11/4/14

Election 2014: Baltimore Sun Media Group endorsements
The Baltimore Sun, 11/3/14

In Maryland campaign stop, free-swinging Christie taunts ‘big loser Marty O’Malley’
The Washington Post, 11/3/14

Candidates hope to pry 'soft' supporters off the couch
The Baltimore Sun, 11/1/14

5 ways to cut health care costs in retirement
USA Today, 11/1/14

Maryland governor’s race has turned unexpectedly tight
The Washington Post, 11/1/14

Montgomery County turnout a question mark in governor’s race
Maryland Reporter, 11/1/14

More than twice as many Democrats as Republicans vote early in Maryland
The Washington Post, 10/31/14

Could Democrat lose the governorship in Maryland?
News Observer, 10/31/14

Michelle Obama to attend Baltimore rally for Anthony Brown
The Baltimore Sun, 10/30/14

Record Early Voting turnout, but Democrats yet to benefit
Seventh State, 10/30/14

Marylanders See Final Flurry of Campaigning, 10/30/14

U.S. welcoming gay marriage, changing politics
The State, 10/30/14

Anthony Brown’s work as Md. lieutenant governor was mostly behind the scenes
The Washington Post, 10/29/14

More provisional ballots filed in minority communities
The Baltimore Sun, 10/29/14

No, Crowds Are Not Fleeing Obama Rallies
Bloomberg Politics, 10/29/14

Home Health Workers Struggle For Better Pay And Health Insurance
NPR Health News, 10/28/14

Educate yourself on the monsters running for office this election day
City Paper, 10/29/14

Don't let water slip through our fingers: on Privatization of City water
The Baltimore Sun, 10/29/14

Early Vote Bounces Back
Seventh State, 10/28/14

Labor department gets tough in support for workers under Sec. Thomas Perez
Politico, 10/28/14

About 3 percent of teachers in Md. rated ineffective
The Baltimore Sun, Inside Ed, 10/28/14

Mizeur: Don't write me in for governor
The Baltimore Sun, 10/28/14

Baltimore County leads state in early voting through Sunday
The Baltimore Sun, 10/28/14

TIME's Apple Cover Stokes Controversy, Outrage
Ed Surge, 10/28/14

Republicans question faulty voting machines, federal lawsuit says non-citizens have voted
The Maryland Reporter, 10/28/14

Maryland Green Party still struggles for a seat at the political table
City Paper, 10/28/14

Nurses union takes issue with '60 Minutes' Ebola segment
Politico, 10/27/14

Burke put $5 million into Wisconsin race against Walker
Associated Press, 10/27/14

Maryland's unexpectedly close race for governor sparks national interest.
The Baltimore Sun, 10/27/14

Baltimore Sun Endorses Brown for Governor
The Baltimore Sun, 10/25/14

Brown and Maryland Democrats report fundraising edge over Hogan and GOP
The Washington Post, 10/25/14

Wisconsin Democrats hope to retake state Senate
Associated Press, 10/25/14

City plans to stop paying for Medicare prescription drugs
The Baltimore Sun-Maryland Politics, 10/23/14

Baltimore teachers, students rally for $10 million from City Hall for ‘community schools’
Maryland Reporter, 10/23/14

Md. economy lagging, but grows next year, Fed economist predicts
Maryland Reporter, 10/23/14

No Points for Subtlety for Maryland Democrat Mailer That Doesn’t Get Its Own Party History
Independent Journal Review, 10/22/14

Walmart’s Affordable Care Act, 10/22/14

At diner, New Jersey’s Chris Christie buoys Larry Hogan supporters in Maryland
The Washington Post, 10/21/14

New city schools CEO Dr. Gregory Thornton says better public schools can lift Baltimore to new heights
Baltimore City Paper, 10/21/14

Maryland Live! employees want minimum wage for training course
Washington Examiner, 10/21/14

Demonstrators turn heads with use of mock funeral in health care protest
Fox59, 10/21/14

Josh Kurtz: Anthony Brown and the Black Vote
Center Maryland, 10/20/14

Union for Michigan corrections officers plans demonstration at Freeland prison in wake of brutal attack on officer
Michigan Live, 10/20/14

Obama Works to Boost Early Voting in Maryland, Illinois
Bloomberg, 10/19/14

Brown on a deliberate march toward goal years in the making
The Baltimore Sun, 10/18/14

Union: Hogan flip-flopped on minimum wage
The Daily Record, 10/17/14

1st Dallas nurse with Ebola arrives in Maryland
The Eagle, 10/17/14

National Nurses Union Calls on Obama to Protect Health Care Workers
NBC News, 10/16/14

Walker Says Minimum Wage Serves No Purpose
AFL-CIO Now, 10/16/14

O’Malley teaming up with Elizabeth Warren to raise money for congressional hopefuls
The Washington Post, 10/16/14

Christie again to appear for Hogan in Maryland
The State, 10/16/14

Older Americans are ill-prepared for hefty health-care costs
CNBC, 10/15/14

Asking Baltimoreans about their schools and getting an earful
Baltimore Brew, 10/15/14

Obama To Campaign For Democrats In Maryland And Illinois Gubernatorial Races
The Huffington Post, 10/14/14

11 Great Reasons to Vote
AFL-CIO Now, 10/14/14

Cities Are Eliminating the Healthcare Benefits Once Promised to Retirees
The Atlantic, 10/14/14

Anthony Brown, Larry Hogan trade attacks in 2nd Maryland gubernatorial debate
The Washington Post, 10/13/14

Maryland students view second Gov. debate at Knight Hall's watch party
The Diamondback (UMD), 10/14/14

Chicago Union Head Decides Against Mayoral Bid
Huffington Post, 10/13/14

Teachers union to pols: Make the district negotiate
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/12/14

Thousands protest police shootings in St. Louis
Associated Press, 10/11/14

Walmart slashes employee insurance benefits, harms America
The Washington Outsider, 10/11/14

Higher health insurance deductibles giving workers pain
Dallas News, 10/10/14

Union Federation Gets Vocal On Harsh Prison Sentencing: 'It's A Labor Issue'
Huffington Post, 10/10/14

'Puzzling' Spanish-Language Translation Error Fixed On
Kaiser Health News, 10/10/14

22 States Where Adjunct Faculty Are Organizing for Justice
In These Times, 10/9/14

Chicago Teachers Union: Leader's illness 'serious'
SFGate, 10/9/14

Brown says he would focus on vulnerable populations if elected
The Catholic Review, 10/9/14

Md. Democrats press Hogan on school construction funding
Herald-Mail Media, 10/9/14

Fact Check: Would Larry Hogan cut $450 million from school construction?
The Washington Post, 10/8/14

Wave of Contingent-Faculty (Adjunct) Organizing Sweeps onto Campuses
Labor Notes, 10/8/14

Inside City Hall: 11th District loses its place at the power table
Baltimore Brew, 10/8/14

Political attack ads ironically have noteworthy message
The Baltimore Sun, 10/8/14

Anthony Brown isn’t eager to be identified with Martin O’Malley in Md. governor’s race
The Washington Post, 10/8/14

NY Teachers union challenges 'gag order', 10/8/14

In CA, Investment House Guts State Worker Pensions
AFL-CIO Now, 10/7/14

Wal-Mart Cuts Health Benefits for Some Part-Timers
ABC News, 10/7/14

Anthony Brown pledges that he won’t raise taxes if elected governor of Maryland
The Washington Post, 10/7/14

Poll finds overwhelming support for post-Labor Day school start
The Daily Record, 10/7/14

Poll Shows Many Don't Know Candidates Four Weeks Before Election, 10/7/14

City school system requests judge to settle dispute over teacher evaluations
The Baltimore Sun- Inside Ed, 10/6/14

Philadelphia School Reform Commission cancels teachers’ contract
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/6/14

Post poll: Anthony Brown leads Larry Hogan by 9 points in Maryland governor’s race
The Washington Post, 10/6/14

Unions say they will back teachers who refuse to administer mandated standardized tests to students
The Washington Post, 10/6/14

Facebook’s Shuttle Bus Drivers Seek to Unionize
The New York Times, 10/5/14

Obama dedicates memorial honoring wounded veterans
Associated Press, 10/5/14

Brown campaign flags calculation errors in Hogan’s plan to cut $1.75 billion in waste
The Washington Post, 10/5/14

Hogan, Brown differ in message to black voters
The Baltimore Sun, 10/4/14

On business issues, Hogan and Brown see two very different states
The Baltimore Sun, 10/4/14

Facebook plots first steps into healthcare
Reuters, 10/3/14

How to Talk to Your Friends and Family About...Voting Rights
AFL-CIO Now, 10/2/14

Legislators, advocate want limit set on teacher investigations
The Baltimore Sun, 10/1/14

Even as some minimum wages increase, Maryland activists call for more sooner
The Washington Post, 10/1/14

Hogan fights back on women's issues
The Baltimore Sun, 10/1/14

More Hurdles for Home Care Unions
The New York Times, 10/1/14

Pro-Union Burger King Worker Disciplined For Poor Pickle Placement
Huff Post Business, 10/1/14

Poll suggests tight race between Brown and Hogan
The Daily Record, 10/1/14

Md governor's race among the nation's most negative
The Baltimore Sun, 9/30/14

Labor Actions & Votes Matter, says MD State & DC AFL-CIO
Metro Washington AFL-CIO, 9/29/14

AFT Set To Spend More In 2014 Than Any Other Election Cycle
Huffington Post, 9/29/14

Hillary Clinton cancels Brown fundraising appearance; sends Bill Clinton
The Baltimore Sun, 9/30/14

Donna Edwards wants women to follow her into politics, where she’s happy to lead
The Washington Post, 9/29/14

New laws in Maryland
WBAL-TV 11, 9/29/14

The Labor Movement Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month
AFL-CIO Now, 9/29/14

Los Angeles Hotel Workers Win $15 minimum Wage, One of America's Highest, 9/26/14

The transportation lockbox
The Baltimore Sun, 9/26/14

Critics slam pension fund performance, system slams critics
Maryland Reporter, 9/25/14

Inside City Hall: Baby steps at the Baltimore Development Corporation
Baltimore Brew, 9/25/14

Nurses Stage Massive Protest on Las Vegas Strip, Highlighting Need for Ebola Readiness
AFL-CIO Now, 9/25/14

Comptroller Peter Franchot slams Maryland's economy, politics after $405 million write-down
Baltimore Business Journal, 9/24/14

Yahoo Parts Ways With ALEC
Huffington Post, 9/24/14

Center for Union Facts says Randi Weingarten is ruining nation’s schools
The Washington Post, 9/24/14

Extra costs could delay renovations for Baltimore's most dilapidated schools
The Baltimore Sun, 9/23/14

Survey shows that teachers don't believe new evaluation system is going well
The Baltimore Sun, 9/23/14

Turning up the heat to reverse climate change, 9/23/14

Brown, Hogan agree to third TV debate
The Baltimore Sun, 9/23/14

Postal Service to Add Thousands of Union Jobs in 2014
Goverment Executive, 9/22/14

After Leaving UNCF, Labor Union Goes With Thurgood Marshall College Fund
Diverse Education, 9/21/14

A Capstone in a Career Spent Fighting for the Rights of Domestic Workers
The New York Times, 9/21/14

Support staff urge legislators to fund public schools, 9/17/14

Unions lead the way on equality in Michigan
The Detroit News, 9/17/14

WATCH: How Collaboration, Not Finger-Pointing, Leads to School Improvement, 9/12/14

Better care: We all have an interest in empowered nurses
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/6/14

Postal workers win arbitration, over 9,000 jobs to be reclassified as Union jobs
The Washington Post, 9/23/14

United Teachers Los Angeles President announces new cost sharing agreement to help reorganize in efforts to negotiate a new contract with LA Unified School Districts.
LA School Report, 9/23/14

A call to revive the long and historic relationship between organized labor and the LGBT community
The Advocate, 9/22/14

National teachers' union: beating Walker a top priority, 9/22/14

A sign of hope for adjunct faculty at Temple University, 9/22/14

Maryland NOW PAC endorses Brown, denounces Hogan
The Baltimore Sun, 9/22/14

The True Story of Public Education in America
Huffington Post, 9/21/14

Unions join the climate fight
Fortune, 9/21/14

Is this how Maryland’s 3rd Congressional district is supposed to look?
The Washtington Post, 9/21/14

AFT Backs Newest Proposal to Reduce Testing
Education Week, 9/19/14

Hillary Clinton to headline fundraiser for Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Brown
The Washington Post, 9/19/14

Election Day Is Nov. 4. Are You Ready?
AFL-CIO Now, 9/19/14

Workers Make OSHA Complaint About Unsafe Scott Walker Ad
AFL-CIO Now, 9/18/14

Why More Charter Schools Aren't Unionized
Education Week, 9/18/14

Study Takes Down T-Mobile’s ‘Facade of Good Behavior’ Toward Workers
AFL-CIO Now, 9/17/14

Politicians, union members rally outside Union City nursing home demanding 'fair' wages, 9/17/14

Hogan calls for criminal probe of Brown campaign
The Baltimore Sun, 9/17/14

More doctors run for Md. legislature as health care issues increase
Maryland Reporter, 9/17/14

Christie event raises more than $400,000 to help Hogan’s bid for governor, GOP says
The Washington Post, 9/17/14

Drowning In Debt, Younger Workers Feeling Disillusioned With American Dream
CBS-Detroit, 9/16/14

Income inequality is hurting state tax revenue, report says
The Washington Post, 9/15/14

Senate blocks pay equity bill
Politico, 9/15/14

American Airlines Passenger Service Agents Win Largest Organizing Victory in the South in Decades
AFL-CIO Now, 9/16/14

2014 Annapolis Report
Maryland Public Policy Institute, 9/16/14

Md. to stagger access to health exchange Web site to address any technical flaws
The Washington Post, 9/16/14

Poverty rate drops for the first time since 2006
The Bellingham Herald, 9/16/14

Good news on Ebola: Health official confident U.S. healthcare system can contain the virus
The Blaze, 9/16/14

Trumka in Missouri: Racism Is Not Somebody Else's Problem, It's 'Our Problem'
AFL-CIO Now, 9/15/14

Will NYC mayor back his union supporters?
Crain's New York, 9/14/14

Baraka, Chicago union head talk education reform, politics, 9/13/14

AFT: Elections 2014 Information page, 9/12/14

It’s Time to Register to Vote, and It’s Easier Than Ever
AFL-CIO Now, 9/11/14

Teamsters push for FedEx Freight union vote in Indianapolis
Memphis Business Journal, 9/11/14

Officials Vow 'Improvement, But Not Perfection' For
Kaiser Health News, 9/11/14

National attention, funding focuses on Maryland governor's race
WBAL-TV, 9/11/14

Scott Walker targeted in fall union offensive
The Washington Post, 9/10/14

Hogan urges students at Bowie State not to vote based on skin color
The Washington Post, 9/10/14

How the Government Can Lead on Supporting Businesses that Lift Working Standards
AFL-CIO Now, 9/10/14

Weingarten tour highlights school partnerships that work, 9/10/14

Unsafe labor conditions and overworked staff leads to Pennsylvania Chipotle temporarily closing their doors
Consumerist, 9/10/14

Democrats hope to rally behind women in South
Bloomberg News, 9/9/14

AFL-CIO Political Director says Democrats need to highlight the economy in the upcoming election, offers a surprise compliment to GOP for speaking to their base
Wall Street Journal, 9/9/14

From across the pond, The Guardian newspaper has an interesting post: Five Reasons Public Servants Should Join a Union
The Guardian, 9/9/14

AFT Chief's late effort pushes candidate to Lieutenant Governor win in New York primary
NY Daily News, 9/8/14

Md. Appeals Court issues ominous ruling for public sector unions
Maryland Reporter, 9/8/14

America's Union-Busting Conservatives Are Going Local
Vice News, 09/07/14

Maryland campaigns kick into action
The Baltimore Sun, 9/6/14

Fast-food worker protests a sign of new union tactics
CBS News, 9/5/14

Fast-Food Workers and Allies Arrested in Nationwide Strikes
AFL-CIO Now, 9/4/14

Wisconsin Congresswoman arrested standing with fast food workers who walked off the job demanding higher pay
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 9/4/14

The class war in American politics is over. The rich won., 9/5/14

Judge: Michigan Teachers Can Exit Union Anytime
ABC News, 9/4/14

This Is What It's Like To Sit Through An Anti-Union Meeting At Work
Huffington Post, 9/3/14

Meet the Koch Sisters: Kochs Who Care About Working People
AFL-CIO Now, 9/4/14

Top officials wrangle over $60M Common Core testing contract
Maryland Reporter, 9/4/14

First Book and Beyonce partner with the AFT, 9/3/14

Is Teaching America's Most Embattled Profession?
NBC News, 9/3/14

Wooing the youth vote: Voters need a candidate who will work to lower college tuition
The Diamondback (UMD), 9/4/14

How The Longer General Election Season Can Help The Underdogs (audio)
"Inside Maryland Politics", 9/3/14

Franchot wants another term because he’s ‘doing the job’, 9/3/14

Brown TV ad highlights pre-K, hits Hogan (video)
The Baltimore Sun, 9/2/14

Mayor asks Baltimore residents to take quality of life survey; Data used by agencies to shape priorities
The Baltimore Sun, 9/2/14

Pundits spar over Labor Day, the right to work, and unions
ABC-7 Arlington WJLA, 9/2/14

Crain’s Red-Baits a Nurses Union Leader on Labor Day; The business press still insists on equating strong union organizing with communism.
The Nation, 9/2/14

Obama: ‘I’d Join A Union’
CBS-DC, 9/1/14

Why white men hate unions: The South, the new workforce and the GOP war on your self-interest
Salon, 9/1/14

Maryland veterans waiting for primary care have a new option: Evergreen Health Care
The Washington Post, 9/1/14

Union chief mobilizes nurses to fight hospitals
Crains New York, 8/31/14

Quinn to live on minimum wage for a week
Associated Press (Chicago), 8/31/14

Six reasons to kiss a union member, 8/31/14

Pressure to cut health costs is felt by workforce that provides care; Union members facing uncertain future amid grim economic realities, 8/31/14

Union supporters stage rally for middle class, 8/30/14

Teachers unions: an endangered species [Commentary]
The Baltimore Sun, 8/29/14

Pressure rises for release of AFT member held hostage, 8/29/14

Jersey City teachers union and board seek mediator to break impasse, 8/29/14

Should Union Organizing Be A Civil Right?
Forbes, 8/28/14

US to begin safety testing Ebola vaccine next week
Associated Press, 8/28/14

Will Wearable technology change health care?
WKMG-6 Orlando, 8/28/14

Baltimore County Schools Begin New ID Program
The Baltimore Sun, 08/28/2014

Primary campaigns cost almost $25 million
The Baltimore Sun, 8/27/14

Public funding gives Hogan lead in campaign cash
The Daily Record, 8/27/14

Republican seeks to unseat comptroller
Gazette.Net, 8/27/14

Texas' Wendy Davis escalates push for female votes
Associated Press, 8/27/14

EEOC Sues Costco for Sex Discrimination
National Law Review, 08/27/2014

Petition for ‘Michael Brown Law’ Passes Threshold for Recommendation
Washington Times, 08/27/2014

Minnesota home care workers approve union
Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 8/26/14

Casino money pumps up education fund, but link to specific projects unclear
WMAR Baltimore, 8/26/14

Federal auditors sought documents related to troubled Md. health exchange launch
The Washington Post, 8/26/14

Obama To Outline More Veterans Health Care Fixes
Kaiser Health News, 8/26/14

CEO Named for
The Daily Record, 08/26/2014

UDC Adjuncts Vote in Favor of Forming Union
In the Capital, 08/26/2014

Anti-UAW Workers Seek to Form Union at Volkswagen Plant
Reuters, 08/26/2014

Facts about Ebola for nurses and health professionals, 8/25/14

New Baltimore schools superintendent welcomes students for their first day back (VIDEO)
ABC-2 News, 8/25/14

Biden to join Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Brown at fundraiser Tuesday
Washington Post, 8/25/14

President of the Baltimore Police Union Steps Down
The Baltimore Sun, 08/25/2014

Vice President Biden Endorses Anthony Brown
The Washington Post, 08/25/2014

Maryland 3rd Best in Nation for Women’s Equality
Wallethub, 08/25/2014

NLRB: Jimmy John’s Cant Fire Workers for Sick Leave
Bloomberg Businessweek, 08/25/2014

School year starts with continuing reforms
The Baltimore Sun, 08/24/14

Nurses are versatile link in health care
Star-Herald (Nebraska), 8/23/14

GOP poll shows tight race for governor: Brown 45, Hogan 42
Maryland Reporter, 8/22/14

Obama administration adapts healthcare rules to Hobby Lobby ruling
The Guardian, 8/22/14

Duncan Relaxes Testing Push, but Teachers Want More
US News, 08/21/2014

Teachers’ Union Boss Hits Sidewalk Outside Phila. School HQ To Hear Teacher Issues
CBS Philly, 08/21/14

Rawlings-Blak defends plan to divert $3M in casino impact funds
The Baltimore Sun, 8/20/14

Minnesota home-care worker union vote can proceed, judge rules, 8/20/14

Chicago Teachers Union President Eyes Mayoral Bid Against Emanuel
Wall Street Journal, 8/20/14

Detroit Public Schools announces 10 percent wage cut, new round of school closures
World Socialist Web Site, 8/20/14

Veolia forced city to divert casino impact funds, Ferguson says
Baltimore Brew, 8/20/14

DOL Issues Guidance on Workplace Protections for Federally Contracted Transgender Employees
Human Rights Campaign, 08/20/2014

OSHA Extends Life of Untimely Whistleblower Claims by Referring them to NLRB, 08/20/2014

Randi Weingarten Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)
Facebook, AFT, 08/19/14

O’Malley teams up with N.H. senator on petition for no cuts to Social Security
The Washington Post, 8/19/14

Good news for Obamacare: Health coverage is soaring, but health care prices aren't, 08/19/14

Economists skeptical on changing start of school
The Daily Record, 8/19/14

Maryland Health Insurance Site will be fixed by November
The Washington Post, 08/19/2014

Md. GOP hires consultant fired in 2010 over racy after-party for young Republicans
The Washington Post, 8/18/14

San Francisco teachers union threatens strike as students return to school, 8/18/14

NYC teachers union gets behind Eric Garner protest march, rally, 8/19/14

Union affiliation could help SF taxi industry
The Examiner, 08/18/14

Annapolis sues police, fire retirees to get ruling in pension dispute
The Baltimore Sun, 08/18/2014

Taxi drivers turn to unions in battle against unregulated on-call car services
Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO, 8/17/14

Brown and Hogan, Maryland’s candidates for governor, face off ... almost
The Washington Post, 8/16/14

Sandy Hook Elementary School Educators and AFT Members Ask Congressional Members to Support Background Check Bill or Get Voted Out, 8/14/14

Franchot launches petition drive to start school after Labor Day
The Baltimore Sun, 8/14/15

300+ Workers at NASA’s Washington Headquarters Vote to Form a Union
AFL-CIO Now, 08/14/14

Md. treasurer, auditors continue wrangling over how to handle worker compensation insurance
Maryland Reporter, 8/14/14

Philadelphia's Commuter Rail System Nears Deal With Union
The Wall Street Journal, 8/14/14

Teachers union decides to not endorse Cuomo’s re-election bid
New York Post, 8/14/14

O'Malley sweeps through Ocean City
The Baltimore Sun, 8/14/14

President Obama Delivers Remarks About the Violence In Ferguson, Missouri
Mother Jones, 8/14/14 [VIDEO]

Md. awards $16 billion, 10-year contract for health insurance
Maryland Reporter, 8/13/14

Michelle Rhee Plans to Leave Post as StudentsFirst CEO, Report Says
Education Week, 8/13/14

310,000 healthcare consumers could lose coverage come September if they don’t prove eligibility, 8/13/14

Federal judge upholds key parts of Maryland gun control law
Associated Press, 8/13/14

Virgin America Attendants Get Airline’s First Union
The New York Times, 8/13/14

Pr. George’s city evicts mayor from his office after employee complaints
The Washington Post, 08/13/2014

Jersey City Labor Union Gets First Black Female President
New, 08/13/2014

Brown Receives Endorsement from Maryland State FOP
The Baltimore Sun, 08/13/2014

Hogan’s campaign manager among recipients of Change Maryland spending
The Washington Post, 8/12/14

Obesity, Bullying, Drug Abuse Top Child Health Concerns in National Survey
Education Week, 8/12/14

‘Survivor’ Editors Demand Union Contract; Further Action Could Delay Start Of New Season
Deadline: Hollywood, 8/12/14

Baltimore City still has hundreds of teacher vacancies; With less than one month until start of school year, 211 slots remain open
The Baltimore Sun, 8/12/14

New York Teachers Union Rips Corporate Ties of Common Core
The Blaze, 8/12/14

Hogan: End state income taxes on police pensions
The Daily Record, 08/12/2014

Why a program for the poor may be helping big banks instead
Washington Examiner, 08/12/2014

MD Hospital to Receive 2014 Women’s Choice Award
PR Newswire, 08/12/2014

State of Maryland Behind on their Bills
Watchdog Wire, 08/12/2014

Kansas Teachers' Union Challenges Anti-Tenure Law
Huffington Post, 8/11/14

Lunch lady rises to teachers union leader and takes on all comers, bluntly
The Washington Post, 8/11/14

Koch brothers reach out to Hispanics
Associated Press, 8/11/14

Weingarten pushes state to release more test questions
Chalkbeat New York, 08/11/2014

O’Malley Proposes $5K Grants for Flood Victims
The Baltimore Sun, 08/11/2014

VA chief makes first hospital visit amid scandal
Modern Healthcare, 8/9/14

Boosting college readiness is goal for new city schools CEO
The Baltimore Sun, 8/9/14

White students to no longer be majority at school
Associated Press, 8/9/14

Md. comptroller to collect signatures in bid to push back school starting date
The Washington Post, 8/8/14

Councilman Cole to replace McKenzie as head of BDC
The Baltimore Sun, 08/07/14

Walmart wades into healthcare provider territory
Healthcare Finance News, 8/7/14

Welcome a new name: AFT Nurses and Health Professionals
AFT, 8/7/14

Weingarten takes on critics of due process
AFT, 8/7/14 [VIDEO] Watch the "Morning Joe" segment here.

MD State Fed’s Edwards Appointed to Retirement Task Force
Union City, 08/07/14

Brown, Hogan agree to a first debate
The Baltimore Sun, 8/6/14

O’Malley Appoints New Director Of Civil Rights
Associated Press, 8/6/14

6 Ways to Reconnect Hard Work with Decent Pay
AFL-CIO Now, 8/5/14

Maryland Updating Efforts to Help Immigrant Children
CBS-DC, 8/5/14

Despite campaign promises, casinos, not schools, are big winners from gaming profits
Maryland Reporter, 8/5/14

Union wins NLRB fight with Boeing over access to company’s pay, productivity data
KP Business Journal, 8/5/14

Maryland Enrollment on Health Exchange Continues
The Baltimore Sun, 08/05/2014

Progress on Maryland Pension Funding
Ground Report, 8/4/14

Despite 2012 law, casino interests and Md. candidates remain intertwined
The Washington Post, 08/04/14

Maryland Holds Drill to Test Response to Ebola
CBS-DC, 8/4/14

Maryland CIO Resigning
Pension & Investments, 08/04/2014

The Truth: Some Very Smart Businesspeople Want to Raise the Minimum Wage
AFL-CIO Now, 8/4/14 (VIDEO)

For immigrants, legal advice, English class and hope
The Baltimore Sun, 8/2/14

Legislatures Taking State Education into Their Own Hands
Washington Post, 08/02/2014

For 2016, Take Martin O’Malley Seriously
The Daily Beast, 08/03/14

Archbishop Gregory Channels Pope Francis at UNITE HERE Convention
AFL-CIO Now, 8/3/14

Brown, Hogan sharply divided on child immigration; Republican strongly opposes O'Malley's welcoming approach
The Baltimore Sun, 8/1/14

Maryland and DC Extending Medicaid Pay Raise to Primary Care Physicians
Medical Economics, 08/01/2014

Federal Government Meets Goal to Boost Small Businesses
The Baltimore Sun, 08/01/2014

Maryland Taxi Drivers Join National Taxi Workers Alliance
AFL-CIO Now, 8/1/14

Dems, GOP looking for black, minority turnout
The State (SC), 8/1/14

McDonald’s Ruling Could Open Door for Unions
The New York Times, 7/29/14

Democrat accuses Larry Hogan of profiting from Change Maryland purchase
The Washington Post, 7/31/14

Ebola outbreak to cast shadow over Obama summit
The Fresno Bee, 7/31/14

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds 2011 Union Law
USA Today, 07/31/2014

House Approves Historic VA Bill
Frederick News-Post, 07/31/2014

Annapolis names acting city manager
The Daily Record, 7/30/14

Crabs and politics go together in Annapolis
Capital Gazette, 7/30/14

Insight Launches Online Resource for Healthcare Community
CNN Money, 7/30/14

Bipartisan bill would tighten rules on campus sexual assault
The Bellingham Herald, 7/30/14

Met Opera Proposes Federal Mediator for Labor Talks
The New York Times, 07/30/14

Maryland’s Top Health Official Steps Down
The Washington Post, 07/30/2014

D.C. Charter Schools Sue City Alleging Unequal Funding
The Washington Post, 07/30/2014

Swarm of “BATs” Descend on Washington D.C. to Demonstrate Outside the Department of Education, 7/29/14

City teachers union fighting for its job protections after lawsuit seeks tenure overhaul
New York Daily News, 7/29/14

Pre-K Expansion Programs Get $4.3 Million in State Grants
Capital Gazette, 07/29/2014

University of Maryland Receives $10 Million Grant to Target STDs
Baltimore Business Journal, 07/29/2014

Crisis Center Open to Assist VA’s Long Wait Times
The Baltimore Sun, 07/29/2014

Wisconsin: Justices to rule on union rights, voter ID, domestic registry Pioneer Press, 7/29/14

State pension system doubles up on expected returns; Retirement system still faces challenges from underfunding
The Daily Record, 7/28/14

NAACP, Labor Union Claim Racial Inequality in BWI Restaurant Hiring
The Baltimore Sun, 07/28/2014

BCFPE moves to a new office
BCFPE, 7/29/14

Chicago Teachers Union, progressives form new Chicago coalition
Chicago Sun Times, 7/28/14

‘Education reform’ now a pejorative term to many progressive Democrats
The Washington Post, 7/28/14

Teachers drop out, too
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/28/14

Why public education needs teachers unions
EdSource, 7/27/14

Tentative deal reached on VA reform
Associated Press, 7/27/14

House Clears Three Bipartisan Higher Education Bills
Education Week, 7/25/14

20 Students Arrested at Rockville REI Protesting Sweatshop Conditions
AFL-CIO DC Metro, 7/27/14

Union wants Scott to wave white flag on drug testing
Tallahassee Democrat, 7/26/14

Why nurses are the new auto workers
The Economist, 7/25/14

Fastest growth in health care among lowest-paying professions
The Detroit News, 7/25/14

Unions put teachers on streets — for votes
Politico, 7/24/14

Md. Democratic Party files complaint targeting GOP candidate Larry Hogan
The Washington Post, 7/24/14

Maryland to Give Harder Tests for High School Graduation
The Baltimore Sun, 07/24/2014

Higher education delegates put contingent faculty front and center at 2014 AFT Convention
AFT Higher Ed, 7/23/14

Decision has potential to revoke health care for millions and 'kill' Obamacare, 7/23/14

Baltimore to host 2016 NAACP convention
The Baltimore Sun, 7/23/14

Brown, Hogan scheduled to appear before county leaders next month in first forum
The Washington Post, 7/23/14

11 Ways the 'Schedules that Work' Act Would Make the Lives of Working Families Better
AFL-CIO Now, 7/23/14

Md. lieutenant governor hopeful donates money from indicted contributor to charity
The Washington Post, 7/23/14

Apple faces huge class-action lawsuit over labor violations, 7/23/14

Fed appeals courts disagree on Obamacare subsidies
CNBC, 7/22/14

Union seeks to intervene in NYC suit over tenure
Wall Street Journal, 7/22/14

At NAACP convention, leaders worry about low turnout in November
The Daily Record, 7/22/14

Baltimore's bond rating raised to highest level in years, signaling city's improved fiscal health
The Baltimore Sun, 7/23/14

Senate Panel Approves VA Secretary Nominee
Washington Post, 07/23/2014

Hogan Blames O’Malley for Company Departure
The Daily Record, 07/23/2014

New Jersey Union Members Learn ‘Common Sense Economics'
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 7/22/14

O’Malley and Faith Leaders Meet on Immigration
Frederick News-Post, 07/22/2014

Maryland Shifts Insurance Policy to Cover Transgendered Employees
The Baltimore Sun, 07/22/2014

Cardin, Paul Seeking Voting Rights for Felons
The Baltimore Sun, 07/22/2014

Maryland gets waiver extension for teacher evaluations
The Baltimore Sun, 7/21/14

Retaliation by supervisors common at VA
Associated Press, 7/21/14

Trumka: Working Families Stand with President Obama Against Workplace Discrimination
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 7/21/14

Hospital union rejects contract, asks for more negotiating sessions
Albuquerque Journal, 7/21/14

Discovery Commits $1M to My Brothers Keeper Program
Washington Business Journal, 07/21/2014

Union, hospital clash on worker who spoke to Globe
The Boston Globe, 7/20/14

Tuning in to Teachers
Huffington Post Blog--Randi Weingarten, 7/20/14

Low-wage professors battle ‘adjunctivitis’
Al Jazeera America, 7/17/14

Veterans Affairs Asking for $18 Billion for Systemic Problems
Maryland Daily Record, 07/17/2014

Despite Challenges, Union Seeks to Win Over Home Health Workers
The Wall Street Journal, 7/16/14

Hogan, many Democrats work the crowd at annual clam bake
The Baltimore Sun, 7/16/14

New Student Loan Bill Introduced
Politico, 07/16/2014

State, city working toward shelter for immigrant children
The Baltimore Sun, 07/16/2014

Giving Working Families a Voice
(Work in Progress) US Dept. of Labor Blog, 7/15/14

Johns Hopkins: #3 Best Hospitals in America
U.S. News & World Report, 07/15/2014

St. Paul teachers union head wins national post
St. Paul Star Tribune, 07/15/2014

Company Limits Bathroom Breaks to 6 Minutes a Day
CNN Money, 07/15/2014

Benefits Options for Adjuncts
Inside HigherEd, 7/14/14

AFT Convention Opens with Fiery Speech
Los Angeles Daily News, 07/11/2014

Maryland Governor to speak in Mississippi
Washington Times, 07/11/2014

After this year’s election, Maryland public financing fund won’t have much money left
Washington Post, 07/11/2014

First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules
Associated Press, 7/5/14

Unions Representing Government Workers Are Gaining
Associated Press, 7/4/14

Congress faces tough choices, tight timeline for highway funding
Dwindling highway trust fund will run dry by the end of August

The Baltimore Sun, 7/4/14

NEA and AFT Conventions: Teachers Reflect on the Present and Plan for an Uncertain Future
Ed in the Apple (blog), 7/3/14

AFT Convention in Los Angeles – July 11-14
Temple City Tribune, 7/3/14

June jobs report sizzles, unemployment falls to 6.1%
Merced Sun-Star, 7/3/14

O'Malley, Pelosi to hold fundraiser for House Democrats
Baltimore Sun, 7/3/14

Brown presents Hogan a proposed debate plan in the Maryland governor’s race
The Washington Post, 7/3/14

Obama Praises Federal Workers, But Forecasts More Fights Over Pay
Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO, 7/2/14

Teachers, postal workers weigh Staples boycott
USA Today, 7/2/14

State approves O'Malley's budget cuts
The Baltimore Sun, 7/2/14

Md. GOP’s Hogan stays silent on Hobby Lobby case as groups press for a position
The Washington Post, 7/2/14

Thornton tours Mervo on first day as city schools CEO
The Baltimore Sun, 7/1/14

MD Assoc. of Boards of Education pledges to strengthen evaluations
The Baynet (Calvert, St. Mary's, & Charles Counties) 6/30/14

Pittsburgh Adjunct Faculty Votes to Join USW
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 6/30/14

Harris': Unions aren’t dead yet, but Alito is gunning for them., 6/30/14

Supreme Court on unions: Could have been worse, but still not good
Los Angeles Times, 6/30/14

Obama's pick to fix VA tried to fix Procter & Gamble, too
CNN Money, 06/30/2014

Partial public employees can’t be forced to pay union dues, Supreme Court says
ABA Journal, 06/30/2014

Big unions could take big SCOTUS hit
Politico, 6/29/14

Teacher evalutation system is latest education battleground
The Baltimore Sun, 6/28/14

Muni union, SFMTA reach contract agreement
San Francisco Examiner, 6/28/14

Unions fighting back
Politico, 6/27/14

Partnership OK’d On Teacher Evaluations In Md.
WJZ CBS Baltimore, 6/27/14

Stripping Teacher Protections Doesn’t Help Children
The Root, 6/20/14

Ruling limits president's recess appointments
Associated Press, 6/26/14

Hopkins Hospital strike averted after O'Malley intervenes;
Governor calls for one-week cooling period

The Baltimore Sun, 6/26/14

Anti-incumbent push by Montgomery labor unions comes up short
The Washington Post, 6/26/14

Union dues bill wins vote in Senate committee
Associated Press, 6/26/14

Western Maryland Hospital Needs Improvements
Washington Post, 06/26/2014

Baltimore’s Most Powerful Employers Pledge To Improve The City
WJZ Baltimore, 6/25/14

Voter turnout for the Maryland gubernatorial primary: About 22 percent
The Washington Post, 6/25/14

Maryland teachers dealing with higher out-of-pocket expenses
WMAR Baltimore, 6/25/14

Union Taxi Drivers Caravan to End Illegal Ride Services, 06/25/2014

Executive Director Hired for Maryland Health Exchange
Washington Business Journal, 06/24/2014

Union group hits $10B goal, has money to lend on U.S. infrastructure
Denver Post, 06/24/2014

Hopkins Service Workers to Strike Again
Baltimore Sun, 06/23/2014

Results: Primary elections, Maryland
The Washington Post, 6/25/14

Brown, Hogan win gubernatorial nominations
Washington Post, 6/25/14

Brian Frosh wins Md.’s Democratic attorney general nomination
The Washington Post, 6/25/14

Average Md. teacher sees drop in salary despite increased workload; Common Core has increased hours as pay drops, 6/25/14

What Anthony Brown could mean for higher education
The Diamondback (UMD), 6/25/14

Md. State Education Assoc. Claims Doug Gansler Is Handing Out Fake ‘Apple Ballots’
CBSDC, 6/24/14

Union dues deduction bill advances in Pennsylvania
Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/24/14

Voter turnout low across Maryland for Primary Election
WBAL-TV 11, 6/24/11

Casinos, not schools, big winners in Maryland gambling profits
Cumberland Times-News, 6/23/14

Unions unite for Connecticut elections
People's World, 6/23/14

Nurses union airs ad that attacks hospital chief executives
Boston Globe, 6/23/14

Maryland gubernatorial candidates turn to social media to reach voters
WMAR ABC2-Baltimore, 6/20/14

Small number of voters could decide gubernatorial contests
The Baltimore Sun, 6/21/14

Democrat O'Malley: Governor shift key to Congress
Associated Press, 6/21/14

About 4 percent of eligible Maryland voters cast early ballots for June 24 primary
The Washington Post, 6/20/14

Union declares impasse in contract talks with Howard school system
The Baltimore Sun, 6/20/14

Field test of Common Core exams went well, officials say
The Washington Post, 6/19/14

Prosecutors: Wisconsin governor in criminal scheme
Associated Press, 6/19/14

Maryland attorney general race could come down to name vs. resume
WMAR Baltimore ABC2, 6/17/14

Early voting shows modest increase in turnout
The Daily Record, 6/17/14

Teachers Protest New Evaluation Method
WYPR 88.1FM, 6/17/14

For Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown, discipline and detail are key
The Washington Post, 6/16/14

Council president requests hearing on lack of arts, physical education in city schools
The Baltimore Sun, 6/16/14

Edwards says she will not 'lower standards' on teacher evaluations
The Baltimore Sun, 6/16/14

Baltimore City Teachers Protest Last-Minute Performance Evaluation Changes
CBS Baltimore WJZ, 6/16/14

Low-Wage Villain of the Week: Sallie Mae
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 6/16/14

Unions push legislatures for labor history courses
Independent Record, 6/15/14

Union in fight with private hospitals over free health care for members
NY Daily News, 6/15/14

Unions, ‘right-to-work’ activists await Supreme Court ruling in pivotal Illinois case
The State Journal-Register, 6/14/14

Baltimore teachers union organizes rally to protest evaluation changes
The Baltimore Sun, 6/13/14

Union officials compare Kaiser Permanente's mental health system to embattled VA
Times-Herald (Vallejo, CA), 6/13/14

Union seeks $15 per hour for St. Pete workers
St. Petersburg Tribune (FL), 6/13/14

UMD Workers Ratify New Contract
The Diamondback (UMD Independent Student Newspaper), 6/13/14

AFT President Takes Secretary Duncan to Task Over Vergara Ruling
Education Week, Teacher Beat, 6/13/14

Union leaders to Christie: Raise taxes instead of cutting pensions, 6/13/14

AFT’s Weingarten smacks Arne Duncan about his praise for Vergara decision
The Washington Post, 6/12/14

A call to action to end child labor in the US, 6/12/14

Gubernatorial candidates square off in MML forum
MyEasternShoreMD, 6/12/14

Romney tries to re-emerge as force in GOP politics
Associated Press, 6/12/14

Some states roll back teacher tenure protections
Merced Sun-Star, 6/12/14

Vergara decision marks a sad day for public education
AFT, 6/11/14

House Subcommittee Examines EEOC’s Position on Background Checks
Bloomberg BNA, 06/12/2014

Poll shows two candidates for Md. attorney general are locked in a tight battle
The Washington Post, 6/11/14

Senate Republicans block student loan bill
Associated Press, 6/11/14

Gates Foundation: Delay Teacher Evaluations for 2 Years
PBS Newshour, 06/11/2014

Independent Voters Shut Out of Primaries
Maryland Reporter, 06/11/2014

House Majority Leader Loses Re-Election Bid
Washington Post, 06/11/2014

Lawsuit Filed to Challenge Seattle’s $15 Wage
NBC News, 06/11/2014

In Maryland primaries, Brown leads race on issues and attributes
The Washington Post, 6/10/14

Obama: Gun control failure is biggest frustration
Associated Press, 6/10/14

Maryland Stadium Authority awards $6.3M contract for Baltimore schools overhaul
Baltimore Business Journal, 6/10/14

AFT Michigan Finally Gets Contract for Charter School
Detroit Free Press, 06/10/2014

Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off in MML Conference
The Star Democrat, 06/10/2014

Frosh and Cardin Trade Punches in Attorney General Debate
Maryland Reporter, 06/10/2014

Federal Government Lost Over 60,000 Jobs in Last Three Years
Federal Times, 06/10/2014

Baltimore teachers union files grievance over evaluations
District officials say they will go back to bargaining table over changes it made to teacher ratings
The Baltimore Sun
, 6/9/14

AFT members on hand as Obama offers student debt relief, 6/9/14

Weingarten: The Right Is Not Going To Be Won Over On Common Core, 6/9/14

Standing with the President to fight student debt
AFT Higher Ed, 6/9/14

Where Have All the Missing Workers Gone?
Yahoo! Finance, 06/09/2014

Obama Signs Executive Order to Address Student Debt
Washington Post, 06/09/2014

Nationwide Audit Shows 64,000 Enrolled Never Seen VA Doctor
Washington Post, 06/09/2014

Staff at Detroit's first unionized charter school have a tentative contract
Michigan Radio (NPR), 6/8/14

Four Md. gubernatorial hopefuls address African immigrants seeking a political voice
The Washington Post, 6/8/14

A wide-open race for redrawn district in Baltimore, Howard counties
The Baltimore Sun, 6/7/14

Workers vote for union at Atlantic City's Revel
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/7/14

Seven things on which the Democrats running for Maryland governor part ways
The Washington Post, 6/7/14

Union president calls for strong faculty voice on university funding
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier (Iowa), 6/6/14

Watchdog: VA may have retaliated against workers
Associated Press, 6/6/14

Latest Brown ad in Md. features running mate and wives of both men on Democratic ticket
The Washington Post, 6/6/14 To Get Makeover
Kaiser Health News, 6/6/14

The new face of teachers unions
The Boston Globe, 6/5/14

Obama: No apologies for Bergdahl
The State (SC), 6/5/14

Gansler rips O'Malley-Brown record in radio debate
The Baltimore Sun, 6/5/14

Democratic Candidates For Md. Governor Debate On Radio
CBS Baltimore, 6/5/14

Jon Cardin rejects rapper's support after learning of criminal charges
The Baltimore Sun, 6/5/14

Montgomery County and SEIU Withdraw Endorsement of Barclay
Bethesda Magazine, 06/05/2014

America still needs strong unions
The Detroit News, 6/4/14

Union Front Group Barred from Walmart
Washington Free Beacon, 06/04/2014

Baltimore County Council members defend turf in tough primaries
The Baltimore Sun, 6/4/14

Brian Frosh wins nod from Md. governor in attorney general race
The Washington Post, 6/4/14

Low voter turnout could impact primary outcome
The Capital Maryland Gazette, 7/3/14

Seven memorable moments from Monday night’s Md. Democratic gubernatorial debate
The Washington Post, 6/3/14

Five States' Health-Care Exchanges See Costly Fixes
Wall Street Journal Online, 06/03/2014

Seattle City Council approves historic $15 minimum wage
The Seattle Times, 6/2/14

Environment trumps politics: The U.S. takes a stand on climate change
Los Angeles Times, 6/2/14

Maryland’s Social Security Backlog Needs Addressing
The Baltimore Sun, 06/02/2014

Obama Administration: Cut CO2 Emissions by 30% by 2030
USA Today, 06/02/2014

Md. activists fail to gather enough signatures to challenge transgender protections
The Washington Post, 6/1/14

Why Does the Obama Administration Keep Getting It Wrong on Education Policy?, 6/1/14

On Thursday, Let's Talk About Taxpayers Subsidizing Walmart
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 6/1/14

Basta Pasta to Pay $200,000 to Settle EEOC Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit
National Law Review, 6/1/14

Md. campaigns adopt national voter targeting techniques
The Baltimore Sun, 5/31/14

GOP gubernatorial candidates focus fire on O'Malley
The Baltimore Sun, 5/31/14

Brown's media money goes to Baltimore market
The Baltimore Sun, 5/31/14

Shinseki resigns amid veterans' health care issues
Associated Press, 5/30/14

Despite dustup, NY Gov Cuomo gets liberal backing
Associated Press, 5/30/14

NSA finds 1 email from Snowden raising concerns
The Modesto Bee, 5/29/14

O'Malley Keynote Speaker at Nebraska Democratic Party
The Washington Post, 5/29/14

Maryland and D.C. AFL-CIO Legislative Debriefing
MD/DC AFL-CIO, 5/29/14

Schools, roads, bridges? Delegate candidates address priorities
Capital Gazette, 5/29/14

AFT supports improved background checks for gun purchases, 5/29/14

AFT announces 2014 Everyday Heroes, 5/29/14

Gansler hits Brown in new TV ad for skipped debate; Brown punches back in another spot
The Washington Post, 5/29/14

Wages for the Top One Percent Have Grown Far Faster than Those of Other High Wage Earners
Economic Policy Institute, 5/29/14

VA investigators: Delayed care is everywhere
USA Today, 5/29/14

Baltimore County to pay Police Retirees
Baltimore Sun, 05/28/2014

Michigan Increases Minimum Wage to $9.25
CNN Money, 05/28/2014

UFT (NY) Yet to Ratify New Contract
Epoch Times, 05/28/2014

In debate absence, Anthony Brown gets hit hard by his Democratic rivals for Md. governor
The Washington Post, 5/27/14

Brown hosts community Q&A in Northwest Baltimore instead of attending debate
The Baltimore Sun, 5/27/14

Connecting to Health via Social Media
Healthcare IT News, 5/27/14

Unions, employers square off over ObamaCare costs in collective bargaining
Fox News, 5/27/14

A Labor Union Prepares To Strike, As Obamacare Ups Health Insurance Costs By 5.0-12.5%
Forbes, 5/27/14

Are You Trapped in the Walmart Economy?
AFL-CIO Now, 5/27/14

[Pennslyvania's] Gov. Corbett unleashes on teachers union
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/27/14

Summer's here, and so are Maryland elections
WTOP 103.5 FM, 5/26/14

Maryland race shaping up as referendum on Gov. Martin O'Malley
The Washington Post, 5/25/14

"A gift from God": Conservatives use VA scandal to attack Obamacare
CBS News, 5/25/14

Pre-book tour, GOP tries to define Hillary Clinton
Associated Press, 5/24/14

The State of America's Deadly Jobs, in 9 Charts
Huffington Post, 5/24/14

Higher Education's Capital Financing Costs
Inside Higher Ed, 5/23/14

Baltimore County up for grabs in governor's race with no hometown favorite
The Baltimore Sun, 5/23/14

More than 200 Supporters Collected to Raise Tobacco Tax
Washington Post, 05/23/2014

Borrowing against the future: The hidden costs of financing U.S. higher education
(Video, Infographics)
AFT Higher Ed, 5/22/14

South African union says member stabbed to death on way to work
Reuters, 5/22/14

Unions Work
AFL-CIO Now, 5/22/14

Understaffing, Constant Pressure On Workers To Do More With Less Is Root Cause Of VA Long-Wait Scandal
Workers Independent News, 5/21/14

U.S. Rated Alarmingly High in Global Survey of Worst Places for Workers’ Rights
AFL-CIO Now, 5/22/14

Gansler: Maryland teachers should be ‘competent’ and held accountable
The Washington Post, 5/22/14

Gansler joins court employees protesting conditions
The Baltimore Sun, 5/22/14

Maryland Raises Hedge Fund Cap
Pension & Investments Online, 05/22/2014

Teachers union survey shows growing concerns about Common Core
The Washington Examiner, 5/22/14

Meh: Nearly half don't care who controls congress
The Associated Press, 5/22/14

110 Workers Arrested As McDonald’s Closes Corporate HQ To Avoid Worker Civil Disobedience Protest
Workers Independent News, 5/21/14

OSHA and ASA Form Alliance to Protect Temp Workers
Department of Labor, 05/21/2014

Primary voter registration deadline approaches in Maryland
The Capital Maryland Gazette, 5/21/14

Union wants hospitals to disclose employees on public assistance
The Baltimore Sun, 5/21/14

Maryland Board of Trustees Violated State Law
Washington Post, 05/21/2014

Cardin to Monitor Ukrainian Elections
Baltimore Sun, 05/21/2014

It's time for a new accountability in American education, 5/20/14

Dear Mr. Gansler: Maryland's teachers are skilled, and it's time they were appreciated
The Baltimore Sun, 5/20/14

Women’s Economic Security Enhanced by Collective Bargaining
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 5/20/14

First lady: Arts education good for good schools
USA Today, 5/20/14

Thousands Reignite Moral Monday Actions
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 5/20/14

Koch Brothers group prepares to fight Detroit deal
The Bellingham Herald, 5/20/14

Sykesville to join Maryland’s Retirement and Pension System
The Advocate of Eldersburg & Sykesville, 05/20/2014

Private foundations funded push for Common Core standards
Maryland Reporter, 5/20/14

Kamenetz, developer fund campaign chest
The Baltimore Sun, 5/20/14

AFL-CIO Releases National Fatality Report, 05/20/2014

Maryland Elected Officials sued by Blind Advocates
Baltimore Sun, 05/20/2014

Task Force Recommends School Should Start after Labor Day
Baltimore Sun, 05/20/2014

Obama administration focuses on following through
Anchorage Daily News, 5/19/14

City wants 2,000 school employees to start paying into pensions
The Baltimore Sun, 5/19/14

Gansler, Mizeur to debate without Brown
The Baltimore Sun, 5/19/14

Rove's Crossroads to spend another $15M on ads
Merced Sun-Star, 5/19/14

Teachers union President Michael Mulgrew said he is ‘proud to be against reform if it hurts children’
NY Daily News, 5/19/14

National teachers union leader criticizes Emanuel
Chicago Sun Times, 5/19/14

Trumka Applauds Defeat of Anti-Worker Legislation in Missouri
AFL-CIO Now Blog, 5/19/14

Attorney General candidates debate on Monday (5/19)
(Video to be available on Wednesday 5/21)
5/19/14 The Baltimore Sun

Tea party losing races but tugging GOP rightward
5/18/14 Associated Press

New NAACP leader: I'm Brown v. Board beneficiary
5/17/14 Associated Press

First lady tells Kansas students to fight bias
5/16/14 Associated Press

Overtime Pay Rises for Maryland State Employees
Southern Maryland Online, 05/16/2014

Obama names new deputy chief of staff to oversee healthcare
5/16/14 Reuters

Police unions push for medical coverage of PTSD
5/16/14 The Bellingham Herald

Alcoa, union at U.S. plants still apart in talks as deadline looms
5/15/14 Reuters

Trumka: 'We've Been Talking About Infrastructure for a Long, Long Time. It's Time for Action'
5/15/14 AFL-CIO Now

Maryland Professors Make More than National Average
Southern Maryland Online, 05/15/2014

Where they stand: Maryland primary election
5/14/14 The Washington Post

Rally focuses on unfulfilled promise of equal education

Baltimore County Republicans call for state labor commissioner to resign over theft charge
5/14/14 The Baltimore Sun

Former mayor Kurt Schmoke to be University of Baltimore's next president
5/14/14 The Baltimore Sun

Human Trafficking workshop/Professional Development offered for teachers
5/14/14 Baltimore Teachers Union

Infrastructure Rally Calls for Rebuilding America
5/14/14 Union City

Former Mayor to be next President of U. of Baltimore
5/14/14 Washington Post

Defense companies target Maryland members of Congress
5/14/14 SoMdNews

Candidates for 42nd District state Senate seat joust on school issues
5/14/14 The Baltimore Sun

O’Malley Signs Transgender Rights Bill
5/14/14 The Baltimore Sun

Brown at 60: New Diversity, Familiar Disparities
5/13/14 Education Week
Follow the link for several articles around school segregation.

Chancellor of University System of Maryland Retires
5/13/14 Baltimore Business Journal

AFL-CIO allows Arena Football Players to join Union
5/13/14 ABC News

Gansler, Mizeur say they would seek a better minimum-wage bill for Maryland workers
5/12/14 The Washington Post

O’Malley Creates Retirement Task Force
Washington Post, 05/12/2014

Energy bill caught up in Keystone XL dispute
5/12/14 The Bellingham Herald

Washington Post and Former Governor Endorse Brown
5/12/14 Washington Post

No Severance Pay for the Ousted Noridian CEO
5/10/14 INFORUM

How a Republican could win governor's race
5/10/14 The Baltimore Sun

Mayor Announces New Chief of Staff and Deputy
5/9/14 The Baltimore Sun

Teachers Union President Weingarten to Seek Reelection

Louis C.K. Takes Aim at Common Core -- And We're All Smarter for It
5/2/14 Diane Ravitch blog, Huffington Post


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