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Contribute to AFT-Maryland COPE

What is AFT-Maryland COPE?

AFT-Maryland COPE (Committee On Political Education) is a fund composed exclusively of voluntary contributions from union members that is used to help support pro-union candidates for elected office. Members must assert that they allow this contribution to be used so that the union may assist candidates who share our values and concerns in running for elected office.

COPE funding is separate from member dues. No dues dollars are contributed to political candidates.

If a candidate who has won the AFL-CIO endorsement or the endorsement of an AFT-Maryland union asks for a contribution, the AFT-Maryland COPE committee (made up of leadership and members from each of the local unions) reviews the candidate’s record and makes a recommendation on a contribution.

To review the bylaws and guidelines for the AFT-Maryland COPE Committee, click here

Make a contribution to AFT-Maryland COPE

The best way to be sure we elect pro-education and pro-public employee candidates to public office is by making a contribution to AFT-Maryland COPE today.

Click here to donate to the AFT-Maryland COPE Fund

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