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Labor-Endorsed Candidates for 2022 Primary Election

AFT-Maryland, as part of the AFL-CIO, has announced its list of Endorsed Candidates for the 2022 Primary Election.

After a long process by which candidates completed questionnaires, interviewed with AFT-Maryland members, and visited worksites where our members are employed, AFT-Maryland members made their voice known in the house of labor who they believe will be the best candidates to stand up for public education and provide state, county, and city residents with the best services they can.

To find which districts you live in, please visit:

To review AFT-Maryland Candidate Questionnaires, visit:

- - - - - MARYLAND STATEWIDE - - - - -

Governor: Tom Perez
Comptroller: Brooke Lierman
Attorney General: Anthony Brown

US Senate: Chris Van Hollen
US House of Representatives District 1: Heather Mizeur
US House of Representatives District 2: Dutch Ruppersberger
US House of Representatives District 3: John Sarbanes
US House of Representatives District 4: Donna Edwards
US House of Representatives District 5: Steny Hoyer
US House of Representatives District 6: David Trone
US House of Representatives District 7: Kweisi Mfume
US House of Representatives District 8: Jamie Raskin

- - - - - MARYLAND STATE SENATE- - - - -
District 3: Karen Lewis Young
District 8: Kathy Klausmeier
District 9: Katie Fry Hester
District 11: Shelly Hettleman
District 12: Clarence Lam
District 14: Craig Zucker
District 15: Brian Feldman
District 16: Susan C. Lee
District 17: Cheryl C. Kagan
District 18: Jeff Waldstreicher
District 19: Ben Kramer
District 20: Will Smith
District 21: Jim Rosapepe
District 22: Paul G. Pinsky
District 24: Joanne Benson
District 25: Melony G. Griffith
District 27: Michael Jackson
District 28: Arthur Ellis
District 30: Sarah Elfreth
District 32: Pam Beidle
District 33: Dawn Gile
District 34: Mary-Dulany James
District 38: Michele Gregory
District 39: Nancy C. King
District 41: Jill Carter
District 43: Mary Washington
District 44: Charles Sydnor
District 47: Malcolm Augustine


District 1C: Carrie Hinton
District 3: Karen Simpson
District 3: Ken Kerr
District 3: Stephen Slater
District 4: Andrew Duck
District 5: Dennis Frazier
District 8: Carl Jackson
District 8: Harry Bhandari
District 8: Nick Allen
District 9A: Natalie Ziegler
District 9A: Steve Bolen
District 9B: Courtney Watson
District 10: Adrienne Jones
District 10: Jennifer White
District 11A: Cheryl Pasteur
District 11B: Dana Stein
District 11B: Lisa Belcastro
District 12A: Jessica Feldmark
District 12A: Terri Hill
District 13: Jen Terrasa
District 13: Vanessa Atterbeary
District 14: Anne Kaiser
District 14: Eric Luedtke
District 14: Pam Queen
District 15: David Fraiser-Hidalgo
District 15: Lily Qi
District 15: Linda Foley
District 16: Ariana Kelly
District 16: Marc Korman
District 16: Sara N. Love
District 17: Julie Palakovich Carr
District 17: Kumar Barve
District 18: Emily Shetty
District 18: Jared Solomon
District 19: Bonnie Cullison
District 19: Charlotte Crutchfield
District 19: Vaughn Stewart
District 20: David Moon
District 20: Jheanelle Wilkins
District 20: Lorig Charkoudian
District 21: Ben S. Barnes
District 21: Joseline Pena-Melnyk
District 21: Mary A. Lehman
District 22: Alonzo T. Washington
District 22: Anne Healey
District 22: Nicole A. Williams
District 23: Januari McKay
District 23: Kym Taylor
District 23: Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
District 24: Andrea Fletcher Harrison
District 24: Christopher Stevenson
District 24: Jazz M. Lewis
District 25: Darryl Barnes
District 25: Karen Toles
District 25: Nick Charles
District 26: Andre D. Nottingham
District 26: Krisleda Valderrama
District 26: Veronica Turner
District 27A: Susie Proctor
District 27B: Jeff Long
District 28: C.T. Wilson
District 28: Debra Davis
District 28: Edith J. Patterson
District 29B: Brian Crosby
District 30A: Dana Jones
District 30A: Shaneka Henson
District 30B: Courtney Buiniskis
District 32: Mark Chang
District 32: Mike Rogers
District 32: Sandy Bartlett
District 33A: Andrew Pruski
District 33C: Heather Bagnall
District 34A: Steve Johnson
District 37A: Sheree Sample-Hughes
District 39: Clint L. Sobratti
District 39: Kirill Reznik
District 39: Lesley Lopez
District 40: Kathy Shulman
District 40: Marlon Amprey
District 40: Melissa Wells
District 41: Sandy Rosenberg
District 41: Tony Bridges
District 42B: Michele Guyton
District 43A: Regina Boyce
District 43B: Cathi Forbes
District 44A: Eric Ebersole
District 44B: Aletheia McCaskill
District 44B: Sheila Ruth
District 45: Chanel Branch
District 45: Stephanie Smith
District 46: Luke Clippinger
District 46: Mark Edelson
District 46: Robbyn Lewis
District 47A: Dianne Fennell
District 47A: Julian Ivey
District 47B: Marlin Jenkins

- - - - - LOCAL RACES BY COUNTY - - - - -

Baltimore City

Baltimore City School Board: Ashley Esposito and Salimah Jasani
State’s Attorney: Marilyn Mosby
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Lenora Dawson
Sheriff: Sam Cogen
Judge of the Orphan’s Court: Charles Bernstein, Lewyn Scott Garrett, Michelle Lowenthal
Democratic Central Committee District 40: Braxton Street
Democratic Central Committee District 41: Evan Serpick
Democratic Central Committee District 45: Jermaine Jones and Phillip Westry


Baltimore County

County Executive: Johnny Olszewski, Jr.
State’s Attorney: Robbie Loenard
Sheriff: Jay Fisher
Baltimore County Council District 1: Pat Young
Baltimore County Council District 2: Izzy Patoka
Baltimore County Council District 4: Julian Jones
Baltimore County Council District 5: David Marks
Baltimore County Council District 6: Shafiyq Hinton


Anne Arundel County

County Executive: Steuart Pittman
Anne Arundel County Council District 1: Pete Smith
Anne Arundel County District 2: Allison Pickard 
Anne Arundel County District 4: Julie Hummer
Anne Arundel Clerk of the Circuit Court: Scott Poyer 
Anne Arundel County Sheriff: Everett Sesker
Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee: Chuck Cook, Samantha Zwerling


Howard County

Howard County Executive: Calvin Ball (I)
Howard County State’s Attorney: Rich Gibson (I)
Howard County Council District 1: Liz Walsh (I)
Howard County Democratic Central Committee: Ward Morrow


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Executive: Marc Elrich 
County Council At Large: Laurie Anne Sayles, Tom Hucker, Will Jawando, Evan Glass
County Council District 4: Kate Stewart
County Council District 5: Daniel Koroma
County Council District 6: Natali Fani Gonzalez
County Council District 7: Dawn Luedtke
County State’s Attorney: John McCarthy


Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County Executive: Angela Alsobrooks 
County Council At Large: Calvin Hawkins, Stanford Fraiser
County Council District 1: Tom Dernoga
County Council District 2: Wanika Fisher
County Council District 3: Eric Olson
County Council District 5: Jolene Ivey
County Council District 6: Wala Blegay
County Council District 7: Krystal Oriadha
County Council District 8: Edward Burroughs III
County State’s Attorney: Aisha Braveboy


Charles County

Charles County Executive: Reuben Collins, II
County Commissioner District 3: Thomasina Coates
County Commissioner District 4: Ralph Patterson


Harford County

Harford County Council District A: Dion Guthrie
Harford County Council District F: Jacob Bennett
Harford County Register of Wills: Jo Wanda Strickland Lucas

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