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AFT-Maryland Congratulates President-elect Joe Biden & Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

Decency and grace have  finally been restored to the White House. AFT-Maryland applauds the Biden-Harris team on their historic election victory. We eagerly welcome the inauguration of President-Elect Biden and the election of the first ever Black and Indian woman Vice President,  Senator Kamala Harris. Our state federation owes a huge thank you to our staff and affiliate locals for the outstanding job they did to turn out the vote, all while maintaining safe distancing necessary because of the ongoing global pandemic. Members and staff of our state federation not only galvanized the vote here in Maryland but phone banked and wrote letters into the pivotal states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin just to name a few.

While work remains to rebuild our communities, to put people back to work with good livable wages, to ensure the health and wellness of everyone in the United States, we rejoice that democracy has revealed the true character of this nation to be one that leans toward love, peace, as well as hope and rejects evil.

For now, we breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing that we can begin the process to heal our nation and move closer to being a more perfect union. Our nation is one made up of many people with unique experiences who contribute mightily to making the United States everything that it is, but more importantly everything that it can be. With a Biden-Harris administration awaiting inauguration, we are optimistic that the sun will once again shine on our great country.

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