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AFT-Maryland Remains United as SCOTUS Sides with Corporate Interests

Ray Baker
Communications Director, AFT-Maryland | (443) 320-4711


AFT-Maryland Remains United and Committed to Organizing as Supreme Court Sides with Wealthy, Corporate Interests in Anti-Union Case

Decision Won’t Stop Union Growth as Workers Organize to Give Voice to Shared Values

Baltimore, MD—The Supreme Court’s decision, in the case Janus v. AFSCME invalidates state laws allowing labor unions to collect fees from everyone in a bargaining unit, including non-members, to pay the costs of bargaining and other representation the union is required to provide.

Marietta English, president of AFT-Maryland which represents over 20,000 public sector workers across the state of Maryland including teachers, nurses, correctional officers, 911 call operators, and other municipal and state professionals, predicted that the decision ultimately will lead to greater member engagement and activism:

“Today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of wealthy and corporate interests’ attempt to silence workers and their unions and rollback democracy in the public sector workplace won’t stop our collective unions from working to build a better life for themselves, those they serve, and their communities.

Working people know that the things they want—decent pay, quality healthcare, safe workplaces and fair treatment—are what our unions fight for. Even though the decision overruled a precedent that had stood for more than 40 years, the unions in our state federation will continue to organize public sector employees to guarantee democracy in the workplace. This decision today is a momentary triumph for the wealthy special interests who backed this lawsuit, but the voices of working people will not go unheard.

The Court got it wrong today, plain and simple, but as we carry this fight forward—where our members work and at the ballot box in November—we will continue to fight for public sector workers, for democracy in the workplace and for equity and justice throughout our state.”

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