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AFT-Maryland Statement on the Inauguration of Mayor Brandon M. Scott

Today marks a new beginning for the city of Baltimore. Our resilient city has faced a number of challenges yet time and again we have risen above them. With the inauguration of Brandon Scott, a son of our great city, the page turns on a new chapter in Baltimore's history. Mayor Scott enters office with the support of all the unions of the AFT-Maryland. We look forward to working with him where we anticipate a productive relationship that benefits every Baltimore city education professional, city employee as well as the people and community we serve. Mayor Scott's experience as a councilman and council president has prepared him for this moment and we are eager to see him take the reins of city leadership.

There will be changes in the City Council President's office as well as City Comptroller. Council President Nick Mosby is a known politician in the city and we look forward to his leadership of the City Council. Having worked with him during his previous tenure on the council as well as his time in Annapolis, we are confident we can collaborate to ensure the best for Baltimoreans. The same can be said for Comptroller Henry. Mr. Henry's family has a long history of political involvement in Baltimore city and as he takes over as our new Comptroller we are eager to see the ways his office ensures the bounty of Baltimore reaches every citizen.

There are new council members who we've gotten to know during the election season and many who are returning that we've worked with before. To every councilmember, both new and returning, we hope to see a true commitment to Baltimore's public employees and citizens. Our priority is our members and our members’ priority is delivering high quality public service to Baltimoreans. We are confident that if we all work together we will chart a new way forward for Baltimore with prosperity that can reach every corner of the city.


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