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AFT-Maryland Statement on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2021

Every year we undertake the solemn task of honoring and remembering the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year feels like there’s an urgency to his words and memory. The spirit of national unity has been stretched thin by those seeking to support white supremacy.

Thankfully there are many more of us who heed and believe the words of Dr. King than there are of those who would divide us and promote racist, sexist fascism. The challenge for us is to not only remember Dr. King’s words, but to practice them.

Dr. King told us that a budget is a moral document and our federal, state, local budgets must affirm our commitment to people over profits and over selfish exploits. We remember Dr. King was murdered in Memphis fighting for fair wages and safe working conditions for public employees. This year, we must do more than remember the man, we must learn from his words and govern our lives in a way that ensures the presence of justice rather than the absence of tension. So let’s all remember more than Dr. King’s dream, let us remember his deep sense of equity and commitment to righteousness.


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