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President English on BCPSS New School Police Plan

For Immediate Release
April 1, 2015
Contact: Ray Baker
(410) 764-3030

AFT-Maryland President Marietta English's Statement
on BCPSS New School Police Plan

Baltimore, MD—Marietta English, President of AFT-Maryland and the Baltimore Teachers Union, released a statement today regarding the new School Police Plan of the Baltimore City Public School System:

This new school police plan is very disturbing to us at the Baltimore Teachers Union because we are now asking teachers, PSRPs, and principals to be responsible for one more thing other than the educational instruction of our city's students. Our members are not police, and although there are plans to have police personnel nearby, we are concerned that our young people, teachers, staff, and principals across the city have a safe environment to teach and learn.

We recognize and appreciate the valuable job our school police have done. Many are integral parts of the school community developing relationships with students and staff alike. The work they do helps to create the type of safe environment needed to allow our teachers to help the city's pupils reach their highest potential.


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