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Statement on Gov Hogan's Veto of Blueprint for Maryland's Future / Kirwan

AFT-Maryland Statement on Gov. Hogan's Veto of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future Legislation aka Kirwan & Revenue Generating Legislation

Baltimore, MD - AFT-Maryland is deeply disappointed in Governor Hogan's decision to ignore the bi-artisan enactment of the Kirwan Commission School reforms. With his veto of HB1300, the Blueprint for Maryland's Future, Governor Hogan has unfortunately reverted to out-of-date and tired rhetoric that has proven to be ineffective at bringing positive change to public education. To do so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that is exposing the resource gaps of so many Baltimore city students is disappointing.

The commission which worked for nearly four years to deliberate and put forth these recommendations not only had numerous, bi-partisan education experts weighing-in on these policy recommendations, but had numerous appointments that Governor Hogan directly made himself, including Budget Secretary David Brinkley. Maryland students and teachers deserve far more than an executive who at the 11th hour decides these reforms are not in line with his own limited vision and uses a global pandemic which magnifies the problem to justify his reasoning.

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