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Gov. Hogan Playing Games with Education Funding

In the final week of the Legislative Session, Governor Hogan is on a mission to see his agenda through. Unfortunately his agenda is a reverse Robin Hood, taking from those who need it most and rewarding those who can survive without it. He is playing a political game with education funding, holding that money hostage unless legislators go along with a budget that includes a discriminatory, unaccountable, and fraud-prone school voucher program that will only benefit private schools. 

Hogan's current budget plan includes a tax credit which would fund a neo-voucher program called Building Opportunities for All Students & Teachers (BOAST). What he's really doing is is opening up a back-door maneuver to vouchers, and ruining opportunities for public school students and teachers to succeed.

This would reduce General Fund revenues, while millions of taxpayer dollars are diverted to private schools to subsidize the cost of education for a few students. As the Governor attempts to cut funding for public schools, he somehow can find the money to give tax credits to those who donate to private schools, essentially giving tax payer money that should have gone to public schools to private and parochial schools.

This is nothing but an attempt to fund a neo-voucher program, which has been repeatedly rejected in the Maryland General Assembly. Organizations such as AFT, BTU, MSEA, NAACP, League of Women Voters, Maryland PTA & others have long stood in opposition to this type of program.

We need your help! Click here to tell your legislators that we don't want back-door voucher schemes that don't serve the best interest of Maryland's children. 

We don't want to deny funding to Maryland's public schools only to see private schools get more money.

Tell your legislators: #DontShortChangeMD

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