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Tell Gov. Hogan to fund our PUBLIC schools, workers

Governor Hogan needs to hear from you! After the legislature has done it's job to find the money necessary for the education of our young people, Governor Hogan won't play ball. He even tried to introduce a backdoor voucher program that would take PUBLIC TAXPAYER money and give it to PRIVATE schools. The governor is also holding state employee pay hostage, despite the fact that the legislature found the money to avoid state employee pay cuts.

Let him hear from you. Tell Governor Hogan to provide fair funding so we can educate all of Maryland's children and fairly compensate hard working state-employees. Let him know Maryland doesn't need a school voucher program that leads to waste, fraud, and misuse of valuable public funding. Fund what works: OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

CALL Gov. Hogan's office: 410-974-3901

Click here to email Gov. Hogan!

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