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In a show of solidarity, AFT-Maryland members and staff stood side by side with AFSCME members as they called on Governor Hogan and the MD General Assembly not to cut state employees' salaries. The event was well attended as a sea of green and blue shirts, hats, and signs covered Lawyers' Mall in Annapolis.


Last chance to fight the 2% pay cut for public employees!
Last chance to save Public Education Funding!
Rally against the Governor’s Budget, March 16th

The Senate and House of Delegates are in the most critical stages in determining the state’s operating budget. This is our last chance to make our voice heard to save education in Baltimore City! And this is our last chance to make our voice heard to fight against Governor Hogan’s 2% pay cut to public employees!


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A united coalition of students, parents, teachers, labor, and community groups brought together by AFT-Maryland took to Annapolis on Monday night, March 9th, to demand the state legislature stop the cuts to education funding that Gov. Larry Hogan has proposed. The cuts would amount to $144 million dollars statewide, hitting Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Prince George's County especially hard.


Maryland's public schools are under attack. 
Don't Shortchange Maryland Education!

Join us in Annapolis, Monday, March 9th, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
Meet at the House of Delegates in the Canteen,
6 Bladen St., Annapolis, 1st floor.

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  • Say NO to funding cuts to Maryland Public Education.
  • Say NO to Governor Hogan's Charter Expansion bill, which would undermine teachers' rights, remove essential oversight, and lower the quality of education in Maryland charter schools.
  • Say NO to the rising cost of higher education in Maryland.

Gov. Hogan’s $144 million in school funding cuts threaten the progress of our top-notch public schools, slashing an average of $3,600 from every classroom and $100,000 from every school. We can’t let these cuts challenge our students’ success.

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Statement from BTU President, Marietta English on Baltimore Sun Article from 02/18/15: "City schools face $60 million deficit even without state cuts"

Baltimore, MD- Baltimore City's impending budget deficit is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Any suggestion that the teacher contract is in large part responsible for the school system's deficit is not earnest on its face.