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Dr. Lorretta Johnson, AFT Secretary-Treasurer and past president of AFT-Maryland, hit the polls in Baltimore on Election Day to help AFT-MD members and staff get out the vote in Maryland.

Pictured here is Dr. Johnson in "The Mighty 45th" district with Delegate Cheryl Glenn, who is running for re-election, along with one of our youngest volunteers (a family member of a City Union of Baltimore member).

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Dr. Lorretta Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer of AFT and Past President of AFT-Maryland, and Randi Weingarten, President of AFT National, wrote a letter for Ebony Magazine. The letter to voters is on why our community's young people need us at the ballot box today.

Have you made a plan to vote? Visit our website for a link to look up your polling place and other Election Day tools.

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The race for Maryland’s next Governor is down to its last few days, and we’re asking for one more push to help us Get Out the Vote. Come out this weekend to help us!

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This Saturday, from 10am-2pm, come to the AFT-Maryland Headquarters (5800 Metro Drive, Baltimore, Maryland, 21215) for an afternoon of knocking on fellow union members’ doors to encourage them to vote. We will fan out in teams to key locations in Baltimore City and Baltimore County to help get out the vote!

Don’t sit this election out!


Various organizations converged on City Hall on Monday, October 27th, to make a host of demands. Among the most important issues was the question of whether to privatize the city water supply. Other issues included demands for affordable housing, quality jobs, safe streets and quality education.


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Election Day is fast approaching, but you still have time to make a plan to vote! It's easy, and the AFL-CIO wants to help! Go to their Make a Plan Tool to map out where to vote, how you'll get to your polling place, and they'll even send you reminders to make this Election Day a breeze!

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