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AFT-Maryland at NAF High School

National Academy Foundation High School (NAF) has partnered with the AFT-Maryland on a number of initiatives. Most recently, the state federation joined with NAF (among other schools) to celebrate Reading Opens the World, an AFT program putting books into the hands of young people nationwide, including thousands across Baltimore city. AFT-Maryland joined with NAF once again for its 8th Annual Staff Health and Wellness Day led by BTU Building Representative, Tondelayo Howard. Students were released after a half-day of instruction, and the staff took advantage of various activities and offerings for their betterment. 

AFT-Maryland Secretary-Treasurer LaBrina Hopkins greeted BTU members at the school. She reminded a number of them, and explained to a few new staff members the relationship between their local, Baltimore Teachers Union, Local 340 and the state federation AFT-Maryland. Principal Chavelle Lampkin has consistently worked with the union and state federation to foster a positive work environment for staff at NAF. She was pivotal to the aforementioned Reading Opens the World program that AFT-Maryland coordinated to coincide with National Hispanic Heritage Month. 

One thing that members were eager to learn about was the benefits of membership with AFT. Members of an AFT local can receive benefits on everything from car rentals to computer purchases and even union scholarships for themselves and family members. This doesn’t even begin to mention the myriad of benefits membership provides pertaining to workplace protections and democracy. One member, Breche Wells, a middle school science teacher, had a lengthy discussion with Secretary-Treasurer Hopkins about AFT member benefits. Get more information about benefits for members of AFT-Maryland locals at 

This was the second year the state federation participated in the staff health and wellness day. Members look forward to seeing AFT-Maryland leadership and staff and enjoy learning about the benefits and receiving the informational and classroom handouts distributed whenever AFT-Maryland visits the school. 


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