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Community Voter Registration

Continuing with AFT efforts to promote democracy and add more voices to the political process locally and nationally, AFT-Maryland Political Coordinator Todd Reynolds led a voter registration drive Sunday August 16th at Macedonia Baptist Church in Baltimore, Md. The drive was but a small example of the "Reclaim Baltimore" initiative introduced at the 2015 AFT-Maryland Convention.

The initiative focused on revitalizing the city in the wake of the unrest after the Freddie Gray death. One aspect was to increase citizen participation in the political process. With a Presidential, Senate, Mayoral & City Council elections in 2016 AFT-Maryland and their locals have been active in registering new voters. Reynolds and members from the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) registered a number of eligible voters and  engaged citizens with voter education information.

The union's efforts have been a part of an ongoing commitment to civic engagement. AFT-Maryland has joined with a number of  partners to spread awareness and increase participation in community involvement. Reynolds and other activists from the union will link with the Forward Baltimore campaign for another voter education effort on Wednesday, August 19th.

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