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MPEC Celebration at SHA

“Have a COLA on MPEC!” That and other clever puns were shared throughout the day as the Maryland Professional Employees Council celebrated a win for state workers. As the union prepares to head into economic negotiations with the state, they held a rally for the upcoming negotiations at the state highway administration office in Baltimore. President Jerry Smith was there in addition to other staff of the union.

Members (and even some potential members) stopped by the table inquiring what the free gifts and snacks were about. There, MPEC reminded members of the 2% increase and $500 bonus state workers would be getting, and how it was the union (MPEC specifically) that fought for across-the-board wage increases for state workers.

Some contractual employees, impressed with the work MPEC has done and the presentation of the union, expressed a desire to be state workers so they too could join the union. Others in the bargaining unit who were not members decided right there that they would join the union. MPEC is excited about reaching state workers in their offices to share the good news of the work the union is doing for them and all Maryland state employees. 

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