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Candidate Questionnaire Responses 2022

The AFT-Maryland prepared a questionnaire for candidates running for office as a means to familiarize the candidates with issues that our members care about most. It also allows us the chance to see where the candidates stand on these issues.

AFT-Maryland locals participate fully in the endorsement process of the Metropolitan Baltimore AFL-CIO Council. Because we are a large contingency within the Baltimore AFL-CIO, the unions of the AFT-Maryland have a heavy influence on who Labor chooses as its candidates for endorsement.

If you have any questions about how AFT-Maryland fits in to the AFL-CIO endorsement process, please contact Todd Reynolds, AFT-Maryland Political Coordinator, at 443-320-4719 or

Not sure of your district? Click here for useful lookup tools. 

Below are links to the Candidate Questionnaire Responses for 2022:

Click on an individual name to see a pdf copy of their submitted questionnaire.

Names listed reflect only those from whom AFT-Maryland has received completed questionnaires.

"No Recommendation from the AFL-CIO" indicates local unions are free to endorse whom they would prefer.

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

State Comptroller

State Senate

Maryland State House of Delegates

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