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We are standing with our neighbors to build a better city for all of the residents of Baltimore. We continue to fight for justice for all. 

BTU is dispatching volunteers TODAY, April 28th, from our office at 5800 Metro Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215. Volunteers are needed for clean up, for activities with students, and other community help.

Come by, lend a hand. Together, we can build a better city for all.

What: Community Volunteer Opportunities
When: Tues. April 28, 201511:00a.m. until....
Where: BTU, 5800 Metro Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215
For Information, call the BTU: (410) 358-6600



Baltimore, MD-- Tonight our hearts are heavy and we echo the calls of the Gray family, clergy and Mayor Rawlings-Blake for peace as the city of Baltimore starts the healing process.

We are grateful that ...


At this time of tension and anxiety regarding the tragic events surrounding Mr. Freddie Gray, we have a heightened responsibility to our students, families, and school communities. First, the safety of our staff and students is our top concern. We are in constant contact with the Mayor’s Office, Baltimore City Police Department, and the City Health Department, and are coordinating with them to ensure we are ready to respond to situations as they arise.

We will make crisis counselors and mental health professionals available at schools throughout the city for all of our students, and they will


AFT-Maryland and Baltimore Teachers Union President Marietta English is featured in an important story on ways wrap-around services such as community schools and out of school time can significantly reduce the school-to-prison pipeline facing our young people today.

Under President English's direction, The Baltimore Teachers Union and AFT-Maryland have been vital partners in the Baltimore Education Coalition which has been the most prominent and tireless advocate for community schools and out of school time in the city.

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"After a long and sometimes hotly debated legislative session, the state is better for the admirable bi-partisan work done by the legislators. I want to start by thanking the state legislature for its efforts in finding the funds to educate our children across the state and also for keeping state worker pay as it is.


Governor Hogan needs to hear from you! After the legislature has done it's job to find the money necessary for the education of our young people, Governor Hogan won't play ball. He even tried to introduce a backdoor voucher program that would take PUBLIC TAXPAYER money and give it to PRIVATE schools. The governor is also holding state employee pay hostage, despite the fact that the legislature found the money to avoid state employee pay cuts.