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AFT-Maryland joined with the National Academy Foundation High School (NAF) for its 8th Annual Staff Health and Wellness Day led by BTU Building Representative, Tondelayo Howard. Students were released after a half-day of instruction, and the staff took advantage of various activities and offerings for their betterment.  AFT-Maryland Secretary-Treasurer LaBrina Hopkins greeted BTU members at the school. She reminded a number of them, and explained to a few new staff members the relationship between their local, Baltimore Teachers Union, Local 340 and the state federation AFT-Maryland... CLICK TO READ > > > MORE
Thinking about the Thanksgiving holiday has always warmed my heart. It is a time when family gathers in the company of great food, to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for. This year, unlike the last few, we can be thankful for a continued return to life as we knew it pre-pandemic. We remain vigilant against Covid-19 and its variants, yet we have seen a number of familiar events return as in-person gatherings are allowing us to once again build community with our labor family.   This year I’m personally thankful for the work we did to support candidates who support public employees. From the Governor’s mansion to the state house, our work during the electoral season will have a direct benefit on public employees. We helped... CLICK TO READ > > > MORE

With the election season coming to a close, AFT-Maryland looks back at the work the state federation and its members have done to bolster democracy, and amplify the voices of working professionals in Maryland through the electoral process. Public employees are in a unique position when statewide elections come around because it is a chance to express their opinions on elected leaders who shape their workplace. AFT-Maryland recognizes the particular role we play as a state federation bringing together public employees who work in a number of sectors and for state and local governments. Our work then, is to provide members with as much information as possible for them to make an informed decision, so their union can speak with one collective, democratic voice.  CLICK TO READ > > >

Our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to the people who serve our country valiantly in the armed forces. The sacrifice and commitment that military service demands is not to be taken lightly. Advancements in technology have changed the nature of the work, but that has not changed the amount of effort and sacrifice demanded of our armed services personnel. None of us at AFT-Maryland take for granted all that we have as Americans. CLICK TO READ > > > MORE

Following the election of Wes Moore to be Maryland’s 63rd Governor, AFT-Maryland President Kenya Campbell released this statement on behalf of the state federation. I am so happy that Maryland has made history electing the first African-American Governor, as well as the first Indian-American Lieutenant Governor, in the state’s history. The Moore-Miller team ran a campaign promising to leave no Marylander behind and we look forward to working with them to better our communities and ultimately our state.  While excited about the election of the Moore-Miller ticket, we at AFT-Maryland recognize the real work begins now. CLICK TO READ > > >

Young people in Baltimore need not fear when Halloween rolls around because AFT-Maryland always brings the treats in our annual Trunk or Treat Event. The afternoon event is routinely supported by longtime collaborators with the state federation including A. Philip Randolph Institute- Baltimore Chapter, National Action Network Baltimore Chapter, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women and this year was no exception. The Arena Players parking lot once again served as the location for the event. Children from the community and a large number of youth participating in a program at the theater, came to the parking lot in their costumes to get a piece of candy from the trunks of cars. In addition to the candy that’s given away, AFT-Maryland and our partners also use the event as a time to get out the vote.... CLICK FOR PHOTOS and TO READ MORE