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Gov. Hogan releases $68mil to avoid state worker pay cut

After a hard-fought campaign, Governor Larry Hogan has announced he will release the $68 million set aside to maintain the 2 percent salary increase—one that was negotiated and finalized last year by public employee unions and the state—for state employees. This was initially a point of contention between the Governor and state workers but his recent announcement has improved the relationship tremendously.

Several local labor leaders weighed in on Gov. Hogan's decision:

"Our members are pleased that Governor Hogan decided to do the right thing and honor the agreement that was negotiated between the union and the state during negotiations in 2014."

—Maria Mathias President, Maryland Professionals Employees Council, Local 6197

"I am so delighted and glad that the Governor changed his mind to give the state employees what they are so deserving of  and have been deserving of for a very long time. Even with the two percent, it still doesn't compensate how hard state employees have worked in the past eight years but I'm glad he made the right decision."

—Linda Day, President Maryland Classified Employees Association, Local 1935

"We are encouraged and excited by the Governor's decision to fully fund state workers' salaries, as we all acknowledge Maryland state employees are the backbone of our state. They are vital to its function, and this is a win for them and for all Marylanders. We thank Governor Hogan for his decision and look forward to working with him on other education and state worker issues."

—Marietta English, President, AFT-Maryland, Local 8018

The full letter from Gov. Hogan is copied below (or click here for link):

May 6, 2015

Good morning,

Happy Maryland State Employee Appreciation Day! As a state employee, you play a vital role in our efforts to serve the people of Maryland. Thank you for all that you do.

Over the course of last week, I have once again seen firsthand what state employees are capable of in the face of adversity. As I toured Baltimore City and worked with various state agencies in the days following the violence and unrest, I was continually impressed with the professionalism and genuine commitment our state employees possess. You are truly an asset to our state.

Despite the deep fiscal challenges we are facing, the budget I proposed in January put Maryland on sound financial footing without raising taxes or fees and without laying off a single state employee or implementing furloughs. In an effort to continue this support, I am proud to announce that we are releasing $68 million from the budget that will maintain the 2 percent cost-of-living adjustment for all state employees into the next fiscal year.

Maryland’s state employees are the backbone of our government. It is an honor to serve the people of Maryland alongside you.

Larry Hogan


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